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guina pig

whats better
German sheperd Dog
 40%  [ 4 ]
Guinea Pig
 60%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 10

Can anyone give me advice how do tame my guinea pig?
Give it nice things to eat (things that a guinea pig will think is nice), talk to it a frequently and give it lots of attention.
you should show to it that you love it. Care more about it.
Tame it? Guinea Pigs are bout as tame as you get Razz just try to get it to trust you, hand feed it and such, comfort it and well like with most pets treat it nice and interract with it regularly.
When you first want to handle it wash your hands with soap and rinse well, this removed and food or other odours that the piggy might want to taste/chomp on. put some treats into your hand and let the piggy eat them while gently touching their back, then stroking them holding.

might be a slow process but persistance will yield results.
You should just play with it. Back when I had guinea pigs, I used to spread out newspaper on the kitchen floor and let it run around while I fed it lettuce and carrots. Just giving an animal your attention and feeding it by hand will get it to trust you. And don't get nervous if it wants to nibble on a finger; guinea pig bites are gentle. They really just want to chew on everything.
My friend have a guinea pig. She lets her guinea pig to run on her bed or desk, but I am always scared of anything what can bite in excetion of cats.
Captain Fertile
Which is better a German Shepherd Dog or a Guinea Pig???

It al depends, better for what?

Better for patrolling a high security government compound? - a German Shepherd Dog.
Better for living in a one bedroom apartment? a Guinea Pig.

Better for ripping your throat out? - by the sound of things, it all depends the personality of the Guinea Pig.
Be gentle and calm! That's the best way to tame a skittish or otherwise upset guinea pig. My family adopted one that was an ex-lab pig, and it was the tiniest most frightened little piggle we ever saw, but now (wow, four years later) she's right at home with our family. If someone has a tendency to be loud or somewhat hyperactive, it is hard for a guinea pig to trust them... but if you treat them kindly and gently always, and speak softly and give them good things to eat (we won our pig over with carrots and bits of apple, orange, and banana), then they will grow to like and trust you. Just make sure that if you've been eating something that will potentially smell good to the piggie (like fruits, vegetables, or crackers, or even if you've been reading the newspaper, since they like to eat paper) you should wash your hands first or they might think you've got food and nibble your fingers.

They're great pets. We haven't had a single one that was less than wonderfully sweet and well-behaved; they get bossy when you spoil them, but that's about it. I'd rather have a cute little piggle any day over a German Shepherd. Mr. Green
a german shephard will probably do a better job guarding your house and belongings.....
i think you need to be patients
Captain Fertile
My wife had me looking at Guinea pigs and Rabbits at the weekend so now I am athe bad guy because we can't have them.

We just happened to walk into a pet store without even the mention of pets and suddenly they were all ooing anaaahing over rabbits and guinea pigs.

The kids will get bored after ten minutes and the wife will complain about the smell, the poop, the feeding and watering, the cleaning etc.

No not gonna happen. Is there anywhere I can rent these animals short term to show my family what these animals are really like.

Don't get me wrong, I love them but our family is too busy for the commitment.
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