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Formula 1

Hoogeveense RAT
Yesterday was the German Grand Prix Formula 1. Alonso won the race after a problem for Kimi Raikkonen. I think Alonso is the new champion because he is the number one in the standing and he has a lot of more poionts than Raikkkonen, the number 2.

Also a nice race by Christijan Albers. He finished in front the two Jordans. I think Robert Doornbos could also do that, but he dind't because he had a problem with Villeneuve in the begin of the race.

This is the thread where we can talk about the Formula 1

This is my first post and i'm happy to see a topic talking about F1 !
I'm french and I hope renault will won, but yesterday wasn't an exciting race for alonso. Kimi did a great job and diserved to win, his car is fast but doesn't finish ! I'm alesi's fan and he was oftenly at the top of the race but didnt finish races ...
Alonso is the new formula 1 champion but I hope we'll have some good fights before the end of the champion ship

Poor Villeneuve ! His race was so hard, everybody wanted to crash with him ! doornbos was sorry and villeneuve apologize ...

Formula is greater than last years ( excepted indianapolis ! )

See you

Sorry but, i didn´t like more of F1

Today this Cathegory of Racing is too comercial, and have lost your "shine".
The Cathegory is most interesting years after.
I don't like F1 to intersting i like NASCAR more :/
Even big formula1's fans can say that a race was boring, but news rules are coming and races will be better and better. we see more and more good fights. We can't be nostalgic with what F1 was, F1 is the top of technology, but FIA must act to give the driver a bigger place.

F1 is too commercial ? money is everywhere ! and Fia saw that F1's audience was going away, and so they will do what the audience want in the futur ... that's my point of you !

i'm unhappy because they aren't french pilotes this year Sad
Yes, I'm sad too... but montagny and of course Bourdais deserve to drive F1

Who is gonna win the hungarian GP this week ? Bet !
We'll have a better idea of what will happen after free practice but Renault never run on the friday ...


well going by previous races i would put my money on Renault although the McLarens have made awesome progress too!

just take the previous race as example! Montoya started last and finished 2nd! And Kimi would have surely won the last 3 races if it wasn't for his stupid reliability problem... if McLaren get that sorted out, nothing is gonna be able to stop them!
i don't like this alonso...
i liked shumacher he was a panomal .. i am very sad cos i like him very much..
i hope next season he will comeback and show who is the best racer in the world
I dont know how true this is but I have heard rumours that the Ferrari team / Schumacher/Barrichelo was told to "back off and let the other teams win " for a change. If you look at it logically this may be true - suddenly teams that could not touch Schumi in his Ferrari last season comes screaming past him like it looks like he is looking for parking.

Can a winning team suddenly go from so very good to just plain average in one season ? I dont know.

Hello Nick,

Can imagine someone like schumacher or jean todt, let other team win ? rules changed, it's the only had maclaren, then benetton, then williams, then Ferrari...


New pist , new city , new country.
istanbul , turkey will be new breath for F1 .
:)come and see istanbul grand prix
Mmmmm, nice to see a Formula 1 group. Looking for to the Turkish GP this weekend. From the practise sessions it seems Mclaren will dominate once again, however Toyota may just spoil the party. Hope the championship will go to the end, ie. Kimi or Schumi for that matter should try and close the gap to Alonso. Chances are this season is ruined for Ferrari due to performance, and judging from the practise sessions, they may not make a huge impression this weekend. If Alonso can be excluded from the points this weekend, that does make it more interesting. PS: I do think Alonso is a great driver, but I would rather see Kimi challenge him for the title. Looking forward to a hopefully exciting race....
Hey noliver, being a Schumi fan, even in his downfall this year, I do believe he one of the best drivers of all time despite Ferraris current performace.
I have heard this conspiracy theory before, but mostly from ferrari fans. I personally don't believe it is true, even tho I would like it to be, which would imply ferrari is unbeatble. But I do think the other teams have moved huge steps ahead, whereas ferrari has fell back big time, mainly beccause of their tyre performance. Whilst they were winning races last year, it was already known that the michelins were performing better in most races. But due to ferrari power, they were able to overcome this. I think bridgestone were not moving ahead with improved development which may be the reason for ferraris downfall. this year, with a single set of tyres per weekend, we can see how they are suffering. Unfortunately due to huge sponsorship deals, teams and bosses are reluctant to speak out about this. They keep saying, 'yeah, the tyres were great' then they have blowouts and other performance issues.
As far as other teams moving ahead, this is nothing new in F1. remember that b4 Michael won his first championship for ferrari , they had not won in almost 20 years, so no surprises. I too hope ferrari will make a comeback, and chances are, when they do, they will prob dominate the sport again, provided the above conspiracy theory is not true Laughing
    1.There is not a chance in hell Ferrari would "back off and let other teams win"... they just didn't come up with a good car this year. Also, some of the fault lies with Bridgestone, for, apart from Indianapolis, their tyres were worse than Michelin's for most other races.

    2. Schumi is defintiely one of the best all-time drivers. The only reason he's not winning this season is because the car/tyres are faling him

    3. Alonso is my bet to win this year's championship. He's currently the best driver on the track right now, followed closely by Raikkonen and Schumi

    4. McLaren have a faster car than Renault, but Renault have better luck and a more reliable car.

    5. Ferrari are going to come back with a bang next year. They can't afford anything less after this year's repeated embarassments. And with Barichello gone and Massa most likely to replace him, there should be some big changes in next year's races for Ferrari
I didn't watch gp this week end Mad ! I was working Crying or Very sad

I'm not sure ferrari will come back next year, perhaps as a top team, but it will be hard to win again the champion ship again for ms and ferrari ... and massa wasn't a good choice I think ...
It's gonna be a tough road to recovery for ferrari, and their succeeding depends mainly on Schumi. I agree that Masssa was a bad choice. Chances are they chose him only because he did some testing with them in the past, and that most of the other top drivers did most probably not wanna drive alongside Schumi, believing that they will remain a number 2. I think Schumi is an excellent driver, as stated b4, but I think his tactics, and some of the decisions he has made in the past has ruined his reputation amoungst other drivers. Rubens is no where as good a driver as he is, but because he was forced into giving way to MS on more than 1 occasion, this could have dampened his spirits in the team. Also this sends a mesg to other drivers that you will be held back if MS is still ob board. Pity for the team coz they could have done alot with another top driver. I guess we have to wait and see how the season pans out next year....
Have you heard this rumor ? Schum will drive for mclaren in 2007 and raikkonen for ... ferrari !
ete99 wrote:
Have you heard this rumor ? Schum will drive for mclaren in 2007 and raikkonen for ... ferrari !

Daft rumour... completly untrue... Schumi already has a contract to race for Ferrari in 2007.
Hoogeveense RAT
Schumi to McLaren Very Happy The biggest non-sense in the world.

It isn't sure that Michael will drive in 2007 in the Formula 1. He want to earn more money and a better car. If he don't get that, he shall stop.
Definitely only a rumor, even tho Ferrari would like to have Kimi in their stables. It might even be better for Kimi, but he seems set with Mclaren. As far as Schuey is concerned, I believe that he enjoys the sport too much to just walk away beause of money. I'm sure he has more money than he needs. Willie Weber being his manager, is just trying to get a better package on his contract renewal, it makes sense, even tho we're talkin 40Mil Euro, everyone wants to get an increase Smile. I think Schuey will quit when he no longer enjoys the sport, which I doubt will ever happen, or when he feels that he is no longer competitive compared to his current peers. The latter is obviously not true, so we should see him in action for a while. Ferrari has a mega budget and with the possibility of a single tyre supplier to F1, don't be surprised if they're back on top soon.
Hey All,

I think the Formula 1 is very booring since the new rules are active. There is no more action in pit stops, because changing tyres is not allowed. There is less action on the track, because the cars are slowed down with thousands of rules. And I dont like that. I think, if there is a fastest and highest racing league, it should be the fastest of all! And the best and most attractive. But with all of the rules, it will become as slow as the Renault Clio Cup. And I dont want to see this happen.

I have to say I agree, even though I do still watch. The previous qualifying format was excellent, there was much more strategy involved. Each time had to pick the exact correct time to come out, otherwise you would mess up your hot lap. This no-tyre change definitely took away most of the excitement in the pit. The idea of doing all that changes in 7 seconds was truly amazing, now all u see is some guys taking tyre pressure Smile it is a joke. Sadly this sport is going to die if they continue to intriduce all these stupid rules.
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