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What programs MUST you have open?

When I turn on my computer I always start up iTunes, Windows Live Messenger 8.0 and Azureus.

I don't always listen to music when I'm on my computer, yet I still keep iTunes open just in case I want to. It's such a waste of RAM. Rolling Eyes I seem to have become addicted to 'chatting' on Windows Live Messenger (better known as MSN), so I'm trying to leave myself logged off or set to appear offline so that people won't talk to me... well, actually some do anyway as they know I'm going to be on appear offline. And I can't talk about Azureus as I'm not allowed to on Frihost.

What programs must you open, and keep running? Are there any you're addicted to?
1. GMail in Firefox. I keep it open all day long. It doesn't time-out unlike other web-based mails.
2. GTalk.
3. Yahoo Messenger. I wish all of my friends would switch to or use GTalk .
4. Firefox + Google. Almost always open.

99% of the time, I use my computer to read e-mails, chat, search the web, read news, and everything else that can be done on the net.
1. Gmail
2. MSN Live Messenger
3. uTorrent
I don't have any auto start programs exact aim. But heres the list that I open.

1) AIM
2) Yahoo
3) Some times msn
4)3ds Max or Flash/Photoshop.
5) Video games.
In office, MS Excel, Ms Word, Ms Outlook for Email, MSN, IE, Outlook express for reading Newsgroups, Remote desktop (for using my PC at home) Very Happy

At home, Bittorrent, MSN, outlook express for both email and newsgroup.
when I am free:

McAfee VirScan & Firewall- Starts with windows XP to secure my computer

Opera - only for the site I always keep: Gmail,,, my site and it's CPanel

Firefox - For browse internet.

iTunes - I always keep music playing, unless I am playing a video game

FlashGet - In case I wanna download something

eMule - keep search and download something

MSN - Always keep it running unless some body I dont wanna chat with gets online.

when I am work:

adobe photoshop CS2 - Graphic design

adobe reader - read some article for script

Flash 8 - Animation Design

Dreamweaver - site admin, CSS and PHP script

firefox - searching

FlashFXP - upload files

iTunes - keep music playing

MSN - chat...

when I am playing a video game:

I'll quit every other program for the game....
Winamp, Yahoo! Widgets (mostly just the weather & BBC headlines ones), MSN, AIM, and generally Firefox is always there.
Opera, winamp, TV control app. Other programs i use only when needed
1. Firefox (Gmail, Google)
2. Rhapsody (Music Galore for my MP3 player)
3. NoteTab Light (text editor with little scripts I use to program)
4. MSN Messenger
5. DeskPins (pins things on top of desktop, useful when you're working and watching a anime in the background)
6. VLC Player (Ultimate Media Player)
ie, outlook, aim
S3nd K3ys
Being mostly a wnidows user, system.exe

Usually mozilla firefox and yahoo messenger.
1) Firefox
2) eMule
3) MSN Messenger
4) Adobe Photoshop CS2
For me its AIM (aol instant messanger), itunes, and firefox.
- MSM Messenger
- Yahoo Messenger
- Google Talk
- Gmail

Wow! There are so many! It can get pretty stuffed up. I really dont need 5 chat programs (including Skype) to talk to people, but I do. Its so annoying when there are dozens of IM programs out there to use, that that everyone picked a different one. Of course Meebo can take care of that...

Blackbox-I have several plugins that are essential to my day to day stuff
Avast!-best utility antivirus I have
Zone Alarm-free firewall, the best IMHO
Trillian-handles all of my chatting and IRC downloads
Thunderbird-I email constantly
Photoshop-couldn't live a second without it, web design, graphic arts and day to day image editing are things I do constantly
Dreamweaver-my school hooked me up with this baby Cool


Blackbox-I run it from a usb drive, so what I have at home is what I get at school
Startup-simple startup editor, they have all kind of crap running that bogs down the machines
Run!-they took away the command pompt, we gotta have something, don't we? Rolling Eyes
Photoshop-same stuff for at home
Dreamweaver-In return for basically running our school's website along with editorial work on the newspaper, I have been awarded two full copies. One for a computer at school (which I slipped a 2.4 ghz processor and an extra 256mb of ram into and somehow nobody has noticed the difference) and one so I can "work" at home. Don't ask how I managed that one.
Trillian-Gotta have some way to talk at school, teachers have too sharp of an eye for cellphones now anyway
Thunderbird-can't live without email

I've got it set up pretty well so blackbox, firefox and thunderbird, along with a few games, all run off my little 1 gig usb drive so I have everything set up the same both at home and at school.
I keep IIS running as I host my own site in our home. aside from that,

- Firefox
- Dreamweaver
- Outlook
- Yahoo Messenger
- Photoshop CS2
Winamp & AIM are the ones that are automatic.
I turn on Maxthon (my browser), Stealthbot (lets call it a chatting program), Spysweeper (It's blocked most spyware when im surfing the internet, ah oh well) Trillan (AIM and MSN combined). All this on 512 MB of ram, making my computer SO slow...
When on work at Office.

1. Firefox + Gmail + Google
2. Google Talk
3. Microsoft Office Outlook
4. Microsoft Office Communicator

On my personal Lappy

1. Firefox
2. Rhythmbox
3. Azureus
4. Thunderbird
5. Gaim
and of course the firewall and virusscanner panda
and the virtual disc manager power iso
Almost forgot BOINC!
Lol quite a list.
Just checked my pc's ram usage 700mb without anything else running.
I have firefox, mail, and safari open as well as iTunes, and when I'm back to being an addict the Sims as well.
Gmail notifier
Adium (IM client)

Otherwise I am really concious of my RAM usage.
Sometimes I will have two finder windows open and I'll agonize over which one to close. Sad, I know.
Skype, TeamSpeak, MSN Live Messenger and Xfire.
1. MSN Messenger 7.5 (I hate 8.0)
2. Last.FM
1. FireFox
2. AIM
3. iTunes ((deffinetly))
4. Yahoo
And thats it.
Firefox (Gmail watcher)
JAP Proxy
Miranda IM
Talisman Desktop Environment
XAMPP (Webserver)
Quite a few, I really waste processor power and RAM.

MSN Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger
Google Talk
Either Mozilla Firefox or Opera Browser with Gmail open (and others).

And a lot of others such as Windows Media Player, Filezilla, and more.
mistuh griddlez
Here's A List Of mine:



-Internet Explorer (Usually either my school website (online high school) or frihost/myspace/

-Windows Media Player (to play my music...(i don't like iTunes))

-Chip's Challenge Very Happy

-Window Washer

-Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 (for school and websites)

-Steam (Automatically Starts.)


-Halo: CE (majorly slows down computer)

-Internet Explorer With

-MS Paint (For Halo Screenshots)


-McAfee/Window Washer

-Halo: CE (Zelda Cam/Dev/Fly Cam)

-Game Cam (To Make Halo movies)

-Steam (For Half-life/Counter Strike...and yes I turn off halo when i play those Laughing )

Man That's Alot of Programs
{name here}
I never have more than 1 application open at a time - and I only switch around 4 times daily if that between them.
1) Firefox, first thing I startup.
2) AIM, to chat with online friends.
3) MSN/Windows Live Messenger to chat with other online friends who are stubborn and won't get AIM.
4) Microsoft Word to check my spelling and grammar when I'm on FriHost.

I think that's it. Of course I also open other programs, too, but those are the top 4 I always or almost always have open/running/on. Laughing
meet in rio
Firefox, WindowsMedia and MSN.

Simple pleasures. Very Happy
Firefox and AOL Instant Messenger. Sometimes PHP Designer too. I can never have Firefox closed because there is always something to do on the internet no matter what I am trying to accomplish. Sometimes I need PHP designer open all the time when I go through my little spurts of coding where I code constantly for a week or so then take a month or two off.
paint shop pro

and i m ready for the day !
I try to minimize what programs I open.

1. Firefox
2. Windows Live Messanger
3. Windows Media Player
4. Skype
1. Orkut in Firefox. I keep it open almost all day long.
2. Outlook
3. Yahoo Messenger.
4. Firefox + Google. Almost always open.
McAfee VirusScan
AVG Free Edition
-Miranda IM (best chat-program)
-AntiVir (virus scanner)
-Rainlendar (reminds you of events etc.)
-iTunes (uhm... music?)
-Firefox (best browser!)
Rokario Bandwidth monitor
AVG antivirus

If im online:
IE7 / Opera 9 / Firefox
Dometimes an FTP program like core ftp or smart ftp

I got an addon for firefox and thunderbird so they minimize to task bar (at bottom right)
I don't have any not-in-the-background applications started when my computer starts since I sometimes don't always need the same thing and it already takes long enough to load all the "essential" background apps that I need. But I do almost always have Firefox open. I hate closing it, but I often have to since my computer gets EXTREMELY slow if I leave one+ window open and let it sit there for a long time.

Speaking of startup programs, I should clean it up...
Wow, it seems that almost everyone here has Firefox and some Instant Messaging (IM) Client open. What really surprised me is the number of people who keep Photoshop open. Shocked
william wrote:
Wow, it seems that almost everyone here has Firefox and some Instant Messaging (IM) Client open. What really surprised me is the number of people who keep Photoshop open. Shocked

Yeah, this is really interesting.

Most people have either some form of chatting program; the most popular of these being MSN, then AIM. Also, loads of people have something to play their music. I'm suprised by the number of people with FireFox open, it's almost everyone - I think I'm going to get it and have a go, as most people seem to use it these days.
1. Firefox + Google. Almost always open. and then i can read my mails (yahoo and gmail)
2. windows media player (i know, i konw, i m not a big fan of itunes )
3. word because i have a lot of papers to do with my study
4. yahoo messenger or msn messenger (it depends...)
The first program I run is Winamp. I have to have my music playing at all times. xD I'm so addicted to it.

I also start Firefox and Bitcomet. [/i]
Manofgames wrote:
Rokario Bandwidth monitor
I got an addon for firefox and thunderbird so they minimize to task bar (at bottom right)

What's the addon called?
i mostly run this apps..
WAMP server
I've normally got Winamp, MSN, and a couple applications of GuitarPro running for the songs I'm in the midst of learning.
lukeropro wrote:
Manofgames wrote:
Rokario Bandwidth monitor
I got an addon for firefox and thunderbird so they minimize to task bar (at bottom right)

What's the addon called?

I can't remember, I can e-mail it to you when i get home if you want.
Itunes and Avant (Internet Browser.)

My antivirus of course, but I consider it with the rest of the essential windows processes, like Explorer.exe Razz

I'm an internet Junkie, while I use my computer for alot of things, the biggest would have to be the Internet, and my Precious tunes.
I usually open Yahoo Messenger...then Yahoo mail...then Widows media player
GTalk, AVG Antivirus, ZoneAlarm Firewall, Skype, Spybot-SD Resident... that's running all the time while the computer is on..
BitComet runs if I'm downloading something or if it's finished and I'm seeding.. same with DC++

Firefox is running quite a lot, same with Winamp and Xfire.

AceFTP is on while I'm working on my website. Photofiltre, Paint Shop Pro or GraphicsGale is on at the same time as Game Maker or Blitz3D if I'm making games.
Apart from the security software that automatically starts (ZoneAlarm, Comodo AV), the programs I always have open are:

Mozilla Thunderbird - configured to view my three Gmail accounts Smile

Firefox - always browsing and using forums.

Notepad2 - I use this for web page editing so always have this open when at work.

Citrix ICA Client - when at work, for accessing the company's Citrix server down in London.

Windows Explorer
I only turn on Firefox and iTunes. And sometimes VLC, to watch a tv show that I recorded.
forgot to add:

wamp server when testing mods and cms' for my site(s)

core/smart ftp when i update site, not often cos my ftp slow.

xfire to log my multiplayer gaming + talk to ppl who dont use msn

tunatic if i hear some good music that i dont know

free download manager 4 downloads (Duh!)
Hmm... when I'm online:
Lingvo vocabulary
Opera 8.5 (checking mail only)
K-Meleon 1.02 (main browser)
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal
Internet Explorer (ONLY on LiveJournal)
Sometimes ICQ.
Microsoft Word
Kaspersky Anti-virus
Some games...
No matter what I'm up to, trillian goes on the moment I get on


I also have my virus (note I said virus, not virus SCANNER, completely different) and my winamp up.
I pop open Trillian for messaging, Mozilla Thunderbird to check my email, Mozilla Firefox to open all of my bookmark toolbar bookmarks in tabs, iTunes to listen to music and download new podcasts, and Steam to check for/download any updates to my games, and ScreenPrint32 in case I need to take any screenshots. And that's pretty much it.
1. utorrent
2. messengers
3. mozilla

I see to it that my utorrent is always open even if I'm not downloading anything. Seeding means a lot.
MSN and Firefox...all good then! Smile
yahoo messenger
may be some virus check
When I'm free!

AVG Free & Windows Firewall - For Security

IE 7 - For Windows Updates

Mozilla Firefox - For Internet Browse.

Winamp - For Playing Mp3's

FlashGet - For Downloading Something...

LimeWire - For Searching File Downloads

YM - For Chatting My Friends

When I'm studying!

Adobe Photoshop CS2 - Graphic Designs

Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 - Reading E-Books

Macromedia Flash 8 - Animation Designs

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 - Thesis Project Development

PSPad Editor - For Scripting

Mozilla Firefox 2 - Searching Tutorials and Scripts

CuteFTP - For Uploading Files

Winamp - Music Playing

YM 8 - Chatting Friends

When I'm Playing Games!

I'll End All Programs For The Games! Very Happy
Well, the computer definitely starts explorer.exe
Then, follows, MSN Live, AIM, Skype, Yahoo messenger, Xfire, Java, OpenOffice quickstarted, No-Ip, winamp. I think there is more, but can't remember (I am not a my home computer).
5.2 Instances of messenger 7.5
6.Winamp or virtual dj
7.2 or more instances of Firefox with 6 tabs on each.
9.Windows Explorer
Conclusion: I have too many things running! Razz
I cant go a day without
Fist of all Photoshop
2. iTues
3. MSN Messenger
4. Firefox < Google
5. Bitlord
6. Fuity Loops
7. Audition

Daily. Other days, there is other extra stuff
1. Internet Expolorer - all needs
2. AIM - chat
3.LimeWire - "legal file sharing with my friends"
4.iTunes - music
5.Notepad - has some HTML stuff on it that im working on

AT SCHOOL (live in henrico county and they give out apple laptops) :
1.Internet - usually has a proxy open because of tons of filters =[
2.Appleworks - to hide internet/other programs when teachers walk by
3.Stickies - funny pictures on them
4.iTunes - playing M-Ringtone to piss everyone off Laughing
Well, when I'm at work, I always have the following open:

-- Adobe Acrobat
-- MS Word
-- MS Excel
-- Firefox

And when I'm at home, these are always open:

-- Firefox
-- Real Player
-- My Music Folder

Each of the above are listed in the order of which ones I use the most from Used Most to Used Least, and I find it amusing that I use Firefox least at work yet most at home. ... Okay, perhaps not so musing as it's work and there, duh ^__~, you have to do work. And yet I always find myself bored at work... x_X

-- scryoko
Trillian - Instant Messaging for Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ and an IRC client.

Google Talk - To notify me for new email and for GTalk

Firefox - while not NECESSARILY open (it will be closed while gaming), if I'm not gaming it will be. Like now Smile

SimpleMU - A telnet client for Elendor MUSH

(iTunes) - for music, sometimes

Although, recently all of these have been closed to make way for a new necessity of life. Neverwinter Nights 2! XD
Base on where am I using the computer...
If I were at home, I would open Bittorrent, MSN, outlook express for both checking email and reading newsgroup.

If I were in the office, I would launch MS Excel, Ms Word, Ms Outlook for Email, MSN + Messeger plus to have the BOSS KEY function, IE, Outlook express for reading Newsgroups, Remote desktop (for using my PC at home)
Yeah, I'd say AIM, Firefox, MacAfee, maybe Itunes or Foobar, bittorrent.

It's really interesting to see what programs other people are using that I"m not.
depends on what i do, normaly my msn and explorer is open, but if i play BF2142 ( as i do 75% of my time currently ... yeah, im a geek --- with a lot of money ) then do i got all my drivers closed, for better performance.


.... anti virus... if i had one, well they simply just got to f... ing much protective, so they are more a blockade to me, than a life saver... sice the worst virus i had was on 4 hours to clean ( i did know it was one, just had to see what it did ) most virus and spyware packs, got reinstallers, and other stuff.. but it does not take much time to find its path of activations, and, wel, then is it just to delete the firs, and so on ... ofcurse then i go download a AV to be more sure on its gone
Right now I've got open:


The first four are open most of the time.
Dreamweaver's open as I'm updating my site.
Photoshop frequently interchanges with Painter too.
One of them's open if not the other.
When I open my computer I use:

Yahoo Messenger
Mozilla Firefox

When I'm Studying:

Adobe Photoshop
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Dreamweaver
cacheman xp (the best memory management tool out there)
avg free edition ...gotta stay virus free!
comodo free firewall
thunderbird - for email
popfile - the best spam filter out there
edit pad lite the best notepad utility (beside quanta/vi)
MCL by mike lin (this is the must have of all must haves) command line executes programs by macro ..this thing is sawweeet
cyberhawk keeps an eye on shady processes
ever note - the best note taking tool free too save whole pages snippets cross browser compatible too

with MCL i don't have to have anythign open...i can just go to the command box with anything open start typing the command and it will auto-complete, press enter and voila! any program is open...really, i can't stress enough to get this nifty lightweight program...i don't know how i lived without it..
3. WINAMP Smile
4. MSN messenger (I miss the ICQ days, long gone..)
5. AntiVir (from
6. Mozilla Firefox (will replace it with Ice Weasel as soon as it's stable)

Ice to Fire, Weasel to Fox

that's it.
if I'm coding:

-IE (to test the codes)
-Firefox (to test the codes)
-Windows Media Player (I like listening to music while I'm coding Smile )

if I'm free:

-Windows Media Player (again music Very Happy )
-IE or Firefox
-Windows Live Messenger (if I have lots of time)
-PES 5
I can't live (yes really) without my music. If I can't have music on the computer, I don't want to have the computer. And MSN of course...
I always open up Mozilla. A lot of times I have a window devoted to my digital ablum collection, which is reaching upwards of 500 albums as of this time. I just love my music. I usually have AIM 6.0 running which I am really happy with.
- Windows Live Messenger
- Yahoo Messenger
- Mozilla Firefox
- ZoneAlarm Firewall
- Windows Media Player
for me, i will open :

norton anti-virus - of course, to protect my pc.

msn - to chat with my friends~~

icq - same function as msn

actually they are automatically open when i turn on the computer. And also,

window media player - to play music.

internet exploer - go to my blog and update.

nothing special, that's all~~
At Work (boooo!)

IE 6
Desktop Sidebar
PL/SQL Developer
SQL Enterprise Manager
Visual Basic 6

At Home

IE 7 (tabbed to hell)
Windows Live Messenger
Windows Media Player
Sygate Personal Firewall
AVG Antivirus
Football Manager 2007 Shocked
i tunes for sure
world of warcraft and warcraft III
Aside from my background processes like firewall and antivirus, I don't have many things running.
My 2 main things are Winamp and Trillian.
I startup Trillian right away.
I wonder why I don't have it startup automatically...
But after that, it really depends on what I'm gonna do.
If I'm gonna play RO, chat/checkmail or peruse the net, I run Winamp.
Otherwise I just leave on Trill and hop on a console.
Ya, I'm pretty limited in what I do online.
A pretty set routine if you ask me.
I forgot about IE so I can read about suicides... Rolling Eyes
catscratches wrote:
I forgot about IE so I can read about suicides... Rolling Eyes

Read about suicides...? And why do you do that? If you don't mind me asking.
GAIM (MSN, AIM, Yahoo etc all rolled into one)
NOD32 (Anti-virus)
- Siebel (Internet Explorer)
- Yahoo Messenger, Google talk
- Company Messenger
- Firefox
- e-trust antivirus

- Internet Explorer
- Gaim (YM, Google, MirC)
- Live Messenger
- Zone Alarm
- AVG Free
Sygate Firewall
AVG Antivirus
DexPot Virtual Desktop
PS Hotlaunch for launching programs
Mother Board Monitor
Internet Pal
Windows Explorer

These are always open and then my frequent programs are,

Media Studio Pro
CoolEdit Pro
MS Word
MS Excel
DVD lab
The programs I ALLWAYS have open are Winamp, MSN and antivirus/firewall.

OFC it΄s hard to "survive" without explorer/mozilla and office Wink
On my Mac:

Mozilla Firefox

On my PC:

Mozilla Firefox

On my craptop:

Internet Explorer
Laughing @ rightclickscott, it may be a craptop but at least you can still use it for the internet Very Happy. I always have Winamp, MSN/Yahoo, anti-virus with firewall and mozilla firefox.
kaspersky lab - a very good anti virus
winamp - music music music and more music... Very Happy
borgchat - an all purpose program for us lan users here in our dorm
internet download manager - since peer 2 peer programs our not allowed in our service provider.
Msn Live Messenger
ninjakannon wrote:
catscratches wrote:
I forgot about IE so I can read about suicides... Rolling Eyes

Read about suicides...? And why do you do that? If you don't mind me asking.

Because I'm depressed.
xammp, firefox, notepad2, and winamp

i use meebo so i can access my IM accounts entirely from firefox!
catscratches wrote:
ninjakannon wrote:
catscratches wrote:
I forgot about IE so I can read about suicides... Rolling Eyes

Read about suicides...? And why do you do that? If you don't mind me asking.

Because I'm depressed.

I thought it might be something like that. I'm not going to lecture on 'oh it will all get better in the end' because there's no point. But I will say that looking at suicide websites won't help your feelings or situation in the long run.
Trillian, Firefox and Random Desktop Smile
The-Master wrote:
Trillian, Firefox and Random Desktop Smile
Love your name BTW so I donated some Fri$ to you! Anyway I have open XChat, Firefox, Smart FTP and Skype
Yay.... another list topic.

Moved to software.
James007 wrote:
Yay.... another list topic.

Moved to software.

I had never even realised that this topic was more suited to the software forum; sorry about that, James007.

And yes, this is another list topic, although I do think it's quite interesting to see what programs most people use and also to see the differences between what people always run at school or at work and what they always run at home. Don't you think?
in my startup there are a buch of apps but mainly:
1) mcafee suite
2) zone alarm
3) skype
4) can't remember the name but some freeware antispyware i got from
ninjakannon wrote:
James007 wrote:
Yay.... another list topic.

Moved to software.

I had never even realised that this topic was more suited to the software forum; sorry about that, James007.

And yes, this is another list topic, although I do think it's quite interesting to see what programs most people use and also to see the differences between what people always run at school or at work and what they always run at home. Don't you think?

I think so too, that's why the topic is still open. Angel
The core programs I would definitely start every time I boot the comp:

- Mozilla Firefox
- Windows Live Messenger

Sometimes, I would boot

- Microsoft Word - to type documents
- iTunes
- Internet Explorer 7 - for certain pages incompatible wif FF
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