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alkutob is a search engine with interactive tools that provides users with better web, business and news results; powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology.

The name Accoona is derived from the Swahili phrase, Hakuna Matata, which means “don’t worry be happy.” Accoona CEO Stuart Kauder says, “The company name was chosen specifically with the end user in mind. Our goal is to make our users happy by helping them find relevant results to their queries.”
And why is Google not better? Seems to me to be a rip-off of Google without all the extra features, does anything stand out that I am not seeing?
I feel Google is the best search engine. I have tried some other search engines too and in totalty I feel that Google scores cent per cent.
I trust much on Google than any search engine.
I still like google better. Google is an awesome search engine. Also the nicest looking one Very Happy
I use google a lot, from Gmail to the programs it offer, but I don't like it's search engine because it usually brings horrible search results. For search, I use Ask because you can preview it's sites before you actually click on it, which saves ALOT of time.
There is no way to compete with Google at this point. I don't think it is worth it to try to separate the market from Google. The site is just a poor rip off of Google, stripped of much functionality.
You don't need to state the obvious; Google is obviously the worlds best search engine. If anything, the topic was created for us to look out for Accoona, as it might be a competitor sometime in the future. Probably not, but we can't be sure.

I try both with same keywords, and obviously google is wayyy faster than accoona.
But hey!
This search engine will most likely fail. It's a ripoff from Google with less functions and less features. There's really no way any new search engine that comes up could possibly compete with Google. Google owns the internet.
I don't see how Acoona is a ripoff of Google though (in terms of interfaces, there aren't many options for search engine websites).
Imo, nobody needs new search engines.
Google probably has like 90 % of all searches - there's no way a new search engine will have a chance against it. Especially if they don't have extra features.

=> No thanks, Acoona!
accoona is not a good search engine
- its really2 slow from here
- to many annoying ads
- never give traffic to my sites
- not visit my site everyday
- i think the search result not original

i still love google to search
Its good, but i think the google is better than this Smile
a agree with the magority google rocks!!!!!!!!!!! al oters will wevetualy fail
Eh. It doesn't match up to Google. Then again, no search engine does.
If i am right there was a challenge by accoona claiming that it was a better search engine to google. They never made any big news though. A publicity stunt. I tried it. Google is way ahead.
Not much point, really. I can't think of a single person I know that DOESN'T use Google. All the other ones are basically useless now.
I really don't care about the searching part of google that much.
I mostly care about speed, ease of use and tasteful ads. which google has pretty well covered.
I've never noticed the accuracy of google to be especially fantastic anyway.

So basically If another search engine can better google on all of those points then I'll use it, even if it isn't that accurate.
venkateshwarans wrote:
If i am right there was a challenge by accoona claiming that it was a better search engine to google. They never made any big news though. A publicity stunt. I tried it. Google is way ahead.

Yes, but that is called marketing... what better way to get people to see your site... just tell them it is better than the best.. and you will have just about everyone and their brother checking it out...

Perhaps bad marketing though.. because with my current state of mind of Acoona, I doubt I will ever go back to that site...

Maybe they are doing it to try and sell ads to make mney so they can spend more money to try (and fail) to be better than Google.

Although, I have to admit, when Google was newer, I didn't think I would ever go there again either... and now it is my main search engine... Nothing really compares to Google at this point in the game...
I think Google pretty much own the market, I mean let's face it... even Yahoo isn't exactly massive competition.
I still prefer using google because I love it! Very Happy

Google owns all!

Though I still didn't try that acoona search engine yet.

I Think there will be no such better search engine that will match google!

Google Rules! Twisted Evil
Accoona certainly is not a perfect search engine; no image search option, limitations on display of results and so on. However, I think that it has developed into a very sound and useful search engine. I particularly like the SuperTarget function, which really does work, and more importantly works without having to do a great deal by the way of thinking, which is always an advantage. The Web and business search options are very useful, but I think the News function is its best feature by far, and I hope that the other functionality will soon catch up with it.
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