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Investment tips

Thought it would be a nice idea to share my thoughts on interesting investment tips.

first of all Please be aware that using the provided information for investment decisions may contain various degrees of risks, as with all investments. I can therefore never be held responsible for the consequences of the interpretation of data.

1/ Put uptions on the Dow
I think the time is becoming right to exercise put options on the DJIA. It has posted 18 record highs since october and stocks are getting red-hot.
The ongoing rally is showing much resemblance with what in economics is called the "self fulfilling prophecy" as Wall street keeps ignoring a batch of indicators pointing at an economic slowdown.
I believe that the bulls are fueling an imminent correction.
Keep in mind that when exercising put options, or other short based investment tools, you should choose those ones with enough margin towards the stop loss level in order to reduce the risk.

2/ Gold
After the considerable correction since late summer, gold has steadied, and pulled an impressive rally over the last month. It seems as underlying principles have changed in the advantage of gold. Gold is looking at the dollar for clues. The dollar is expected to lose ground over the next months (on the economic slowdown), which is good for gold (gold and the dollar trade inversely as the cost of buying gold is reduced when the dollar is cheaper).
Thanks for the tips. I think that property is also a good investment opportunity, but you need to some cash up front. If you have enough to make a substantial deposit, then you can buy a house and rent it out. You will need to pay in about 1 third of the bond back yourself, but the property will increase in value at a rate far greater than any investment account. Then after some time, you will have payed off the house and thats when you really score. Because now your property is still increasing in value and you are getting monthly rent from it and all it is costing you is a small maintenance fee. There are of course rates and taxes and th e risk of getting good tenants. But all the risks considered, I think it is the safest bet around.
Thanks Paulbarter,

Indeed, housing seems to be a very good investment, as home sales plummeted to a 6 year low in the US and prices headed south sharply. It seems to be the right time to invest, as such markets are quite cyclical. However, the housing crash that has started some 2 months ago in the US points at an economic slowdown, combined with other factors.
It may thus be the right time to invest into real estate if you're willing to wait somewhat longer. Periods of recession, (to which multiple indicators point at) are not generally boosting the housing market, though further corrections are unlikely.

Another tip; investing in . The euro has broke the psychological 1,30eur/usd level last week on bad US. economical news, and indications that the ECB (European Central Bank) may rase interest further (which makes dollars cheaper as investing in euros is more rewarding).
You may wait for the euro to sink back to 1.295 levels before jumping in, but I think the upside potential is certainly present, with possibilities up to 1,40.
Currently 1.36 is the Euro's all time high against the dollar.
Again, investing with products that contain less risks is advised
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