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My Tale: GIROCHIN - The Master of Warriors

Hey, while I hadn't an internet, I have created a tale.

GIROCHIN - The Master of Warriors

Version 1.0

The World was waste of unknown monsters. Forests were swept out of existence. All big cities and towns were destroyed. In the world grounded the gloom. Only one village was biult a perfect defence against the evil but it wont be for a long. It had built very strong fence with automatic gates. The fence was so strong that no one monster could break them and gates were opened only for village people. It believed in GODS and hoped for a heroes who will protect the World. The Village might wasn wrong...

One a sunny day a farmer heard a strange noise in his cote. He went to look at it. He saw a monster who looked like a dinosaur. It had sharp teeth like swords and very strong legs. Also he had quiet strong tail which was used for killing smaller animals. He was brown - colored but with soft skin. The monster lift its head and gave a roar. The farmer was frightened and ran out of his cote. The monster chased him to the middle of an farmers yard. The farmer tripped over the stone. He saw the monster slavering over him. The farmer screamed in fear. But at that moment he heard a strident sound: two swords spiked the monsters belly and tore him in twain. He drabbled with monsters green blood. The farmer was pop-eyed and couldn move. The mysterious guy gave him his hand.He looked tall young man with long blond hair. He had a sunglass so it glazed the farmers eyes. He was strong and had two swords which were called Katana. The mysterious guy wore his white clearly white kimono. "Stand up man"he said. "Who are you?" the farmer asked him. "Im Girochin the warrior from the heaven" the mysterious guy replied him."I can believe in it. The GODS listened our prayers." the farmer dropped. Girochin helped the farmer to stand up.

Next morning Girochin said: "I must go and protect the world. Take it." The farmer asked: "What is that?" Girochin told him: "It will help you to protect your village. It is an amethyst." The farmer said: "How could I use it ?" Girochin: "Just keep it in a safe place". Girochin left the village no one knows who is waiting for him...

It is not the end of the tale... To be continued...

Hope you enjoy it. That's all Folks !
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