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Is this a good free hosting

AOP Web Development
Hello every one! i am a beginner web developer and i'm looking for a best free hosting to my site i have already the domain, it's and im looking a free hosting that support Frontpage,php,mysql,DNS,cpanel. Does anyone know about it please help me... thanks! Razz
I have no idea whether Frihost is the best. But it is the best that I had tried so far. Would be interested if you can find a better one. Remember to tell me. Wink
AOP Web Development
Thank you so much for your reply! well i hope it would be nice in here! to have hosting thanks! Wink
Frihost no longer supports CPanel, you will instead be given Direct Admin. The only disadvantage to the user is the lack of an auto-installer though.
All other mentioned features are supported.
AOP Web Development
my website is currently host by but i want to transfer it if i can find someone better on it if you have any site that supports that i needed please inform me! thanks Laughing
Why not request a frihost account?
Frihost can offer you all the things except Cpanel, tho Directadmin works very good to. the major advantage of frihost is that you can have as much databases as you want(tho use as little as you can to save space). and ofcource the 250 mb storage.
Oh and the support is very good
There is no other like frihost........... Very Happy
as far as i know, fri host is the best free hosting site around
my acount is not iet been acepted, but even if i dont, i still think this is one of the least from what iv'e reserched... and i tryed almost all free hosts before coming to this forum...
From what I've ever seen, no other hosts provide a free package like this, just to be active on a forum. Although, there MAY be one out there somewhere, hiding from Google Wink
i think frihost is one of the best free hosting providers, because they such good features and a reasonable space and bandwitdth for free and all they ask for isto be acive on thier site.
Frihost is the best web host on the web that is free. Believe me I searched for 4-5 againizing weeks for a sutable host I didn't care if it was free or not. Just something that had what I needed for the least amount of money and this was it and it was free. I think the reason not many people know about frihost is because its not really noticable in search engines I found frihost on a top 10 free hosts post.

Yahoo free hosting offers I believe could be wrong 50 mb of space and like 50 mb of bandwidth I don't think they show how much bandwidth they offer though.

Frihost has 10 gb enough bandwidth for almost any site that is less then 200 mb and they offer 250 mb if you save your images properly like .gifs or .PNGs you should be able to stay under that. Like me I have 5 full functioning sites on my account and they are average size and I have only used 7.89 mb or 250.

It is kinda a downside to not having Cpanel though I believe it looked much better and more easy to use then Direct Admin I would say that and the apche restarts on server 2 are the only downsides to frihost.

This host is better then some payed for hosts out there.
actually CAl, there are some out there, but you just have to dig deep....

But their community's are no where near as good as Frihost Very Happy
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