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Problem Installing Fonts in win98

I am using dual operating systems win98 and Winxp(professional) with sp2 for the past few years.

Now I can't install new fonts in my windows 98. Even "Install New Fonts" option is disabled in the drop down menu control panel->fonts->file.

There is no problem in my existing 200 installed fonts. But i can't able to install new fonts. Even i tried by coping new fonts to the folder drive:/windows/fonts.

The fonts copied sucessfully in the folder, but i can't able to see these fonts in my applications like ms-word etc.,

Can anybody tell me what is the actual problem and how can i rectify this without Reinstalling the OS.

From your description you have reported the inability to install fonts on your Windows 98 machine. This occurs when the Fonts folder attributes get changed and its System status is removed. While it may be unclear why this happens, here is one way to solve this issue.

1. Access the Windows 98 Tweak UI Control Panel applet.
2. On the multi-tabbed dialog box that appears, click on the "Repair" tab (you may need to click on the arrows next to the tabs to cycle through the tabbed windows).
3. Click on the pulldown arrow and choose "Repair Font Folder."
4. Now, click "Repair Now."
5. Press "OK" to close the dialog box.

Download TweakUI 98 -

Hope this has solved your problem.

Many Regards Teddy1.
Thanks a lot Mr.Teddy for your valuable Tool. I think this will solve my prob. I'll checkit n post here the results.

hellow Teddy1 its very useful to me also
To install new fonts you can also use these method.
Just copy new font file (ttf) and paste it in windows/ font folder. it will directly
install your new fonts.
No problem Smile i hope i have been of help to you. Yeah Ritesh26 i believe they stated that they copied them to the font folder and it installed but wasn't present in the applications they wanted them in.

Let me know what happened. If all successful then great if not i'll see what else i can do. Smile

Many Regards Teddy1
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expecting reply soon..
Hello Teddy,

Thanks for solving my prob. Now everything is working fine. n i am having great tool too
No Problem, I'm happy to have been of help Very Happy. Anything else you need help with just let me know Wink. I'll always try to be of help Very Happy.
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