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Guitar, Who plays it?

Who plays guitar here? I've been playing for 4 years now.
I play my guitar from 4 years and i play it in a rock/punk band...
I like rock'n'roll... i like distorsion Wink
I play guitar for 2 years now!
Guitar makes fun! I play in a metal Band!
I've been playing for nearly a year now. I picked it up pretty quick and got picked to be in a band over a few other guys who've been playing for 2-4 years.

I have an Ibanez Destroyer guitar; very similar to the Gibson Xplorer. It's kind hairband-looking with a turqoise body and orange zebra stripes (yeah..).

I have a Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60-watt Amp. It has an awesome sound, but it's not really built for the kind of music I play. It's more bluesy than metal. My favorite band to play is Metallica. I play a lot from there first album, Kill 'Em All.
Just started.. a couple of years or so. Been playing drums for quite some time now though,
Playing for 12+ years. Carvin bolt kit guitar and an AD30VT - great(!) amp.
I play for six years now, but i am getting stuck... It goes to slow to learn...
When I was younger I had the time, but now I don't play that often. But I still like playing the guitar...

I play bass

in a band

Anxiety - feedback would be appricated
I play guitar--I taught myself, haha. I really enjoy it; I'm in a jazz trio. I own an Agile Les Paul and a Stagg Strat, yay for less expensive guitar copies!
Short and good: I play!
Lady Elensar
I'd like to play guitar. Really, I don't know why I don't play it... I think it's because of the expenses.
I play Bass for this band. I've been playing almost 2 years. I have an Ibanez GRS200 with the red clear coat paintjob. I am saving up for a nice stack to go with it. I like bass over guitar.. because it sounds better Smile

i play and i own you
Haku wrote:
i play and i own you

Blatant corruption, Spam!!

I've played guitar for 5 years. I have a Gibson SG Special and I love it to pieces.. Strangely I'm not in a band though, I don't know many people that are. Unlike most people thought I did not pick it up quickly.
The Profile
I have played for only about 1 month, hoping to start a band called
I currently play a Fender squier.
I so badly want the Gibson SG Special Angus Young Signature version though, it is a legendary guitar!!
Played for about 13 years now. Currently between bands with the switch to uni and so on.
I've only been playing for about a year, but i've gotten pretty decent because i'm musically talented. I play about 5 different instruments. I have a Squire, heh, but i'm going to get a new one eventually.
I just started about a month ago - so far so good Very Happy
I play guitar, ive been playing for 19 years, my setup is a mesa dual rectifier head with matching 4x12 cabinet, Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul Studio, and GT6 Sound Processor =), im a happy person
I've been playing for 2 years. I'm not that great or anything, but me and my friends are starting a band (no name or songs yet lol). I have a fender squire strat
I've been playing acoustic since December ( Christmas ). I want to get an electric guitar, but I'll probably have to wait until this Christmas or later to get it. I also want a bass ... they're so fun to play and it's a good way to relax.
I play a bit, mostly Blues and Rock
i play guitar i've been playing for roughly under 2 years. it's a used silvertone... it's the epitome of the opposite of sex. bad in other words. I've got my heart set on this awesome gibson sg..... it's about $1200.. I'm just $1200 away! Very Happy
ive been playing 8 years, randall rh100 head, 4x12 cabinet. I use a korgax1500g pedal plus pod v2 with stage pedal
Play in a prog metal band
I play guitar and i've been playing for almost 3 years and i really like it. I mostly play Children of Bodom and off course my own bands songs. You can visit us on our website: I dont really have a guitar to talk about.. It's more like a newbi guitar and i hope that i'll get a new one for x-mas. My dream Guitar is Alexi 600 White Rolling Eyes
I have been playing for a little over 3 years... my favorite stuff to play is van halen and other stuff like that... Smile it's hard playing his stuff.try it.
I have been playing for a long time, but never really took it seriously until a year or two back. Just used to dabble with the acoustic, but couldn't really play anything. Once I actually started getting into music a lot I kept playing more and more, and now I play in my own band. We play grunge, so I love a lot of distortion. I use a BOSS DS-2 distortion pedal and a Jade Storm ST-110R 110W amp. Sounds really chunky.

Guitar-wise I have a Samick (which I use as a back up at gigs incase I break a string) and an Epiphone Les Paul 100. Also have a Yamaha acoustic. Really want to buy an Ibanez Iceman, but havn't worked up enough money for it yet unfortunately.

My name actually stands for fretspider (f-spider)

Thats my input,

I have played the guitar since I was 14. I am now 33.

Never very seriously. Just something I do every now and then.
I've been playing since about an year. I've teaching myself. Here's what I'd like to ask the seasoned guitarists - should i try to get a teacher or i can continue reading the articles on net and books and go on with my self-teaching? If i do get a teacher what should i get him to teach me?
Hm I've been playin since the 80s - was quite good at a point left for other instruments like pedal steel. you can see a pickin video where I do quite hard stuff on guitar - covering a Janis martin song called Lets elope - I try to play like Chet Atkins who did the original recording n are almost there. Surprised
Basically... EVERYONE plays guitar Laughing

Thats the way it always seems anyway.

And yes, I play guitar. Mainly acoustic as a solo performer but do some electric as a part of a multitracked song.
I've been playing for two years now, too.

I use a Gibson SG and a Marshall MG15, but I expect to buy a better amp soon...
im eight years old on the guitar but play like im 21. just playin, literally. anyways I play metal and classical, anything really. I hate almost all mainstreem music and not because im ignorant, but because its all shit. I only say its shit cause the record industry has been loosing millions of dollars since around 1999 because big business took over and its all about efficiency and making as many small products as they can at the same time for money. Most current mainstreem artist these days are fkin weak and I cant believe that they actually like what they are writting. This new age of modern rock is disgusting......YES, im talking about all the mainstreem bands, all new-school rock sellout punk fused crap.
Well, I play guitar for a few months. I have a private tutor, but I also play with some friends.
I like the guitar much. I prefer the acoustic one (my e-guitar sucks, that's why Very Happy But I also like the acoustic cause of it's sound).
Playing guitar is great - you can play in a band or alone (you know, campfire music), you can carry your instrument easily (advantage over pianists and drummers...) and you can decide if you want to use it for rhythm and use your/a voice to sing or use your instrument for melodies... it's quite flexible.
I've been playing for seven years... I've been playing without a pick for probably the last two or three. I'm trying to develop a style that combines touch-tapping and meat picking, for the electric of course. My biggest problem has been that the best tones come from picking close to the bridge, while tapping, of course, requires your picking hand to work on the neck itself. The distance between those two spots can make it challenging to really jump back and forth between styles, but I'll do it!
I play guitar!!! Acoustic guitar... not incredibly skilled at it or anything but I suppose I can play a bit better than the average person Wink I own an acoustic/electric Yamaha APX-3M - not an amazing model/type but I think it sounds decent and other guitar players seem to like it.

I'm looking into playing solid body electric simply because it's like an entirely different instrument (different sound and all). I've actually got an older model coming in on Tuesday an Ibanez from the custom Saber series woo! ...definitely looking forward to that. Very Happy
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