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error with MySQL

i downloaded and installed Xamp for windows version 1.5.4a from the hotscripts site cause i read here that is was the best way to install apache, php and all in once by using an installation script. now did all look nicely installed so i went to the xampsite to check if it actually really worked. all went fine cept MySQL. i got the message:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\xampp\cds.php on line 64

now i have no idea what is means or how to fix it cause i simple know nothing bout this. i did install the xamp file on my compy. some people installed it on their site?
Three things from what I know from using Xampp:

1. Is your mysql (addon) installed?
2. Is your mysql running?
3. Username and password correct?

Thats all I can really think of, right now im using Xitami, which is good enough for me.
i don't know
i thought i installed it all at the same time.
if i check the XAMPP site, then according to them MySQL database is activated and the MySQL admin user 'root' has now a password.
cause according to their site i needed to change that cause the one they used to install was an unsafe one.
that's all i know.
Hmm try this to check if your mysql is running.

Go to your xampp site (http://yourip/xampp).

Find and click "Status".

If you can't find it tell me your IP and ill check for you.
wel, i think it's working, according to the info i found on http://localhost/xampp/
my ip idress is if ya want to check it yourself
Your mysql MUST always be enabled if you want to use it.

Shutting down your mysql when apache is running makes all things using a mysql database NOT work (example- fourms).

I wasn't able to connect to your site.

wel, i think it's working, according to the info i found on http://localhost/xampp/

Also, if you are planning to use buy a domain you cannot use localhost.

Best of luck.
and how do i solve this then, or can't it be solved
maybe i'm better off uninstalling Xampp and looking for another one. any idea which one i should be installing then? i do prefer a installation kid where all the programs are already in it cause i'm really bad in such things.
Currently, Im using Xitami for my testing server.

It comes with HTML, and nothing else. You can install php if you want to (not that hard). Download

Though ive never used it, I hear EasyPHP is good Download.
Comes with PHP/MYSQL/Apache.

Overall I seem to like Xampp when I need it.

Best of Luck.
i see
maybe i installed it on the wrong place or forgot to change some set-ups. does it need to be installed on my compy or uploaded and installed on the site?
can you maybe help me step by step to set up Xampp so it would actually work, in you don't mind
May be you can have a try wamp. It's a all-in-1 package also that include everything you may wanted to use.
It just updated their version. So check it out to see if it suite you needs.

Hope this help,
thanks for the tip.
i uninstalled xampp and installed wamp and now things are working. it asked me to get it up so it would connect to my site instead of my localhost while i couldn't find how to do that in xamp. now on to the next step, creating that website.
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