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PS3 is out as of today!

Anyone here getting the PS3?

I'm getting it, it looks awesome! its like the XBox 360 on steroids. Plus, Unreal Tournament 2007 is coming out for it and practically no Non-Alierware computer will be able to run it at full graphics.
I'm buying it a year or two from now when the price stops being so absurdly high.
I'll make sure to buy it once i'm rich and famous (or just rich) ;]
It's hard to find money for everything that's coming out right now, Xbox360, Wii, PS3 + super expensive games... I want to buy everything but first i need to get a good job ;]
I plan to pick one up once the price drops a bit. Also i think its dumb to pick up new high-tech products so early into their release, i'd rather wait til all the bugs are worked out.
i want a ps3 but i think i am going to wait as well because the more features you got on something the more bugs there are how big is the ps3 it looks in pictures i seen the ps2's big brother anyone got a picture of the game graphics ?
Laughing Laughing Laughing
my uncle has reserved a PS3 for him, it will arrive to Hong Kong in December
For me game consoles are a total waste of money.
It's a new non backwards compatible platform every 12-18months.
I would rather buy computer parts and pc games with that money.
The interesting thing is that they are going to produce only 400k units the coming sales season, which is very insufficient to sustain user demand, and I cannot understand this as a marketing strategy either because they have (just like Microsoft) declared loss from each unit sold - of course making up for this by the sales of games - but you'd expect a company do slow-production in case of their will of a market value increase but this is not the case as of now.

We'll see what happens, but there are a lot of lotteries etc out there giving out PS3, a particularly interesting one is adult-swim, which gives out PS3's and together with it being featured on an episode of Robot chicken.

Quite interesting eh? Smile
i can't wait to get my hands on a Wii or a Play Station 3... the graphics look awesome! i got to take a peek at Final Fantasy 12, which epitomizes play station 2 graphics at it's end... and the P S 3 picks up where that takes off, so the graphics on Play Station 3 will be unbelievable! wii also looks amazing, just bc you can really play by jumping around like i do anyways Smile
snowboardude wrote:
Anyone here getting the PS3?

I'm getting it, it looks awesome! its like the XBox 360 on steroids. Plus, Unreal Tournament 2007 is coming out for it and practically no Non-Alierware computer will be able to run it at full graphics.

true, true, it does seem quite impressive looking at the specs of the machine. BUT! I have heard they are going to sell parts of games for cash, wich will end up making the games extremely expensive.
For example I have heard that you will have to buy all cars and tracks to grand turismo, wich (if you buy them all) will end up at ~800$.
Im not sure if its true, since thats only what I heard from friends.
Anyone know for sure what the deal is?
alien wares suck for their price, reliablity, and customer service, homemade pcs ftw.

anyways, i got the PS3 on the 13th (my dad was at a busness trip in Japan and got me one)

i must say, the PS3 still is completely inferior to pc games
Can't wait till it hits stores here! Very Happy
xbox rules!!!!! Cool
I really think it is way too pricy but I really want one. I will have to wait until next year so I can save up enough money to buy one and a couple games for it.
I'm probably going to buy a Wii since it is a lower price than both the XBO360 and the Playstation 3. Plus I think the features of the Wii including the Wii remote will have more entertainment value then the xbox360 or ps3.
i work at a toy store 'r' us .... and we only got seven ps3' 600 dollars a was hectic
having a pc really keeps me away from the set boxes. I hear its supposed to be pretty incredible but at 600 bucks a pop I figure I could buy a second laptop for that price. Smile
Maybe I will wait for about a year and see how things go before buying >.<

Still, I hope it arrive to my country soon, so I can check it out sooner~

How pissed off gamers get when a ps3 is smashed. Not all where in the line to bring the ps3 home. Some just wanted to smash it Very Happy.

Sorry i felt like i should share this with you... perhaps this should be in the jokes forum....
The most difficult part of obtaining a PS3 is getting the cables that will give you HDTV coverage!!
and then I can think about getting one, need some serious money though then I can start to indulge with thoose kinds of luxury toys. Looks great though, i'm sure theres a paradox in that, thoose people who earn enough money to buy this stuff are usually too busy working to be able to enjoy them.
really ? can you reserve it online?
I really want one of those, but I'm going to wait untill the end of the new year when the prices go down. It's priced so insanely high for how much it costed the factory to make it. The factory price for the concole is most likey around $200.
Ps3 is too high in price... only for better gfx...

Too much money for my poor ass lol.

I got a 360 tho Very Happy
I got a Playstation 3 for Christmas this year. It was basically amazing!

My favorite games (as of now) are:
Resistance: Fall of Man
Call of Duty 3

Our other games are sports games (for my brother) such as Fight Night Round 3, NBA 2k7, etc.

The graphics are amazing, and gameplay is incredible. It makes you feel like you're really, truely in the game.
Im not going to buy it! Its just for games... I need computer...
not out here yet Sad


Only really looking forward to MGS4 and Res Evil 5 though...
I have an xbox 360, and I consider a much better investment of money than the PS3. for the more expensive ps3 at $600 is $200 more than the expensive xbox 360 and your not even getting to any games or extra controllers and accessories. just when you go to pick up the system, you could be looking at 800-900 for some games, controllers and the system while you could get a system that is similar to the PS3 in power for $200 less. I just dont think that the small graphics upgrade is worth that much and the loss of xbox live.
No interest in consoles here at all, though I may end up buying one for my kids at some point (they have an old xbox and PS2 now). If I do get a new one I suspect it will be a Wii. The PS3 can go jump in the lake. Smile

I hope PS2 will be way cheaper now, so I can buy one for my kids. I have an XBOX but the dvd-player is dead and there are not a lot of kids games for it anyway.
Playstation 3 is a new chapter in interactive Entertainment. I'm looking forward to play Grand Tourismo HD and other top games. I think, this games have not many bugs.
I think I will wait awhile rather than getting caught up in a vhs/betamax type war (err, i read about that in an ancient history book, ahem). Meanhile, the Wii looks good.
lol their showcase @ E3 . its RIIIIIIIDDDDDGGGGEEEEE RACCCCCEEEEERRRRRR! lol , our games are acurate to the times back then , chinese warriors with bazookas and the guy showing it says , attack this gaint crab (its like 5 times the height of the warriors) in its weak . point. for. MASSIVE DAMAGE im like lol , youtube it =]
I own both PSP and PS2, but i feel that X360 will win this generation war... it's cheaper, it's available and Sony has lost a lot of exclusives - Virtua Figter 5, MGS4 (rumor)
Btw... any of you GT4 players here... have you managed to get all gold medals in licence tests?
I'm not much of a gamer. I don't need an artificial world to go to with FIRST Robotics in my life... Smile

But seriously, if I was going to be a gamer, I would go for the PC. Consoles are not a smart buy; you have to hack them to do what you want with them, unless you aren't a nerd-type at all. It will play all the games out there; console games are usually released for the PC, too. Consoles are for the non-nerds. I'm a nerd, so buying a console makes no sense. I'd rather have a Shuttle PC with a good graphics card in it any day.

Captain Fertile
gerontius wrote:

Btw... any of you GT4 players here... have you managed to get all gold medals in licence tests?

No why? Don't be a tease. Smile
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