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World of Warcraft Vs EverQuest 2

My son and I have been playing EverQuest 2 and also World of Warcraft. I am a bit torn between the two games so I am coming to you. Which game do you think has the best Gameplay, Graghics, Storyline, Quests, Time spend wisely?

If you have played the games before please tell me which one you prefer and why.

Maybe you can lead me to the permanet game that we play Smile
(seeing as this doesn't fit the WoW thread)

A bit hard of a question as it's always a matter of personal tastes... personally, I've been playing WoW for nearly 2 years now, on a roleplaying server, and I've been majorly satisfied. However, the reason I'm happy with WoW is probably not any longer the game itself - after all, I've seen just about everything in it now, rather it's the people that I'm playing with. In the end, every MMO is about the people, and if you hate your environment, you'll hate the game as well, whether it's a beauty or a beast... However, with the upcoming Burning Crusade, things in the world ought to get interesting.

Really, though, it much depends on what you want to do. Do you want to roleplay? Or maybe explore and fight in PvP? Or grind instances for "phat llewt"? Many things are different in EQ2 and WoW, such as, I believe, lack of PvP in EQ2 - though it may have changed now. And even being a "peaceful" RPer, I must say I loved getting out there, beating the enemy in the battlegrounds and getting my posterior handed to me, as well. If that's what you want, WoW is probably better for it. Otherwise, hm... Bit hard to say.

Edit/add: As for storylines... I'm mostly involved in player-run stories now... And quests, well... Quests are just a means to an end. Most of them are unfortunately not too mind-blowing, though several are quite rewarding, and I don't mean loot-wise, either.
I think we can figure out what the average MMO gamer thinks is the better game with math.

WoW > 50% of the MMO market. 7 - 7.5 million subscribers.
Everquest 2 < 6%. where near WoW in terms of subscribers..

WoW takes the gold by being.....uhh....having a huge dominance over the entire MMO market.

I did play the little Free tutorial thing on Eq2....really didn't work for me.

Therefor if I had to choose any MMO, it would be WoW. EQ2 wasn't all that fun when I played it and it seems a hell of a lot more people like WoW more.
Well, the reason for WoW's success in the market is the fact that the game caters to a very large audience - from the universe fans (me) to people that hunt for e-peens to PvPers... It has almost everything except a changing world (something that Ryzom, for instance, does feature), the game itself is easy to learn, and fairly addictive in terms of gameplay, graphics and atmosphere. Once you got the hang of the game (and that happens very quickly), you get the option to either casually play it, or specialise in one of the directions, be it RP, PvP or PvE... And a hefty portion of the subscribers are the casual gamers, as we can see from BC content. No more 40-man raids, lots of 5-man ones with special scripts for combat, easier acquisition of gear, less grinding - all this points specifically at the casual gamer.

I must confess that I've yet to try out EQ2, but from what I heard, even some of the crafting process can take up to an hour, and, well, while I'm a die-hard roleplayer, I'm not that die-hard a crafter, and thus, WoW's casuality wins that way.

However, there is a downside to this popularity. Popularity attracts stupidity in droves, and certain WoW players are the sort that should have never held a mouse in the first place. These people will naturally detract from the gaming quality. Of course, having never played EQ2, I cannot say what the situation is like there. I just know that sometimes, I want to hit the fellow Alliance members on the head with a spoon.
okay, thanks for your responces. You all made a very valid point. I will definetly be sticking with World of warcraft. not only cause I myself enjoys it tremendously but also because my son and I communicate through the game the best since he doesnt live with me.

Again, thank you for all your responces!
In my opinion. Word of Warcraft all the way. Although I have never played the other, I have heard a lot about it and seen some pictures. I don't play WoW that often, but still love it.
Overall I like WOW better due to the Game play. More interaction and you can solo alot more.
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