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Red Hot Chili Peppers' new album - Comments?

What did everyone think about Stadium Arcadium?

When I bought the CDs, and looked at the back I was almost shocked to find 28 songs, and I thought most would not be as good as other RHCP albums.
But I proved myself wrong, because I enjoy every song on that album. I think that Dani California is overplayed a little, on radios and stuff, but apart from that, I love it.

Any other fans of this album out there?
I haven't listened to this one yet, but the song i hear on the radio is really appealing to me. I hear a lot of old sounds in the songs. They have of course a familiar RHCP sound to them, but so far too much of the same thing.

I think it's way too long, but the songs are pretty good overall.
I think its too long.. They should have more concentrated on quality than quantity but is still pretty good.
its not really new anymore, but it is awesome
and they really did concentrate on quality more than quantity
they recorded like 38 songs or something like that and so they still have like 12 B Sides
it sounds like a ton (it is Laughing), but they hadnt put out a new cd in 4 years and had been writing all the time they could have made this so much bigger
(they originally planned on releasing it in 3 parts, with another 12ish song album out every 6 months)
I think it's hands down their best album to date, but I'm probably not making friends here when I say that...

Anyways, it's really a great listen and definitely worth every penny you spent on it. The radio edit from Snow sucks though. Too short.
dont like tht much

its way way tooo long they shgould have released it seperately over say 6 months like system of a down did.

i listen to bout 5 songs and get board
I used to like them in the old days.

But now they just sound the same every song.

It bored me and annoys me.
Not a fan of the Chilli Peppers really, except when Navaro was with them in the mid 90's. I did 'buy' this album, and gave the first disc a listen. Wasn't impressed at all, really. There were a few songs that caught my interest, but nothing really spectacular.

They're a great band, just not my cup of tea.
The album i think overall is great.

When i first listened to it i thought "hmm, too many songs, each too long and nothing particularly memorable."

How wrong I was...

... The album is awesome, each time you listen to it it grows on you, I now love every song on it and there are some real classics on there.
Stadium Arcadium was the first album I got from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and I really love it.
I never was into their music really, but that album made me love Rock.

Personally, it's my favourite album in 2006 Smile
I've only listened SA 3 times. I think it's rather boring. Most of the songs aren't as good or catchy as singles from album. I would listen to it one more time and maybe I'll change my mind Wink
I really enjoy their music but I haven't bought yet the album. Got no extra bucks though.

I usually play the Califonication & By The Way Albums, great! Wink
Its not really new any more but I love this CD and I could listen to it again and again.
Didn't heard yet. Will get it and post my thoughts soon. Wink
Yeah, I dunno. This is the one chili peppers album that I just love to hate. I don't know why, I like the chili peppers as a band, but for some reason this album is just too...I dunno. The best word I have heard used to describe it was same-y.

Granted, it could be because of the girl I was dating while i listened to it. That almost happened to By the Way for me too, but luckily I revived my love for that album recently. Perhaps that's what'll happen for Stadium Arcadium as well.
I bought the album a few days ago. Listen to it of course and I have to say this is a good one but I still love "By The Way" album more though I'll try to listen to it (Staduim Arcaduim) more often.
I love Stadium Arcadium!!! I don't say, that it's greatest RHCP album (By the Way was better), but after 6 years of waiting we'd suddenly got a THING!!! Cool Twisted Evil
*...just love that thing...*
I was very young when I first listened to By The Way and I loved it. Now I get this (whew! 28 songs!). Red Hot Chili Peppers rock!
Cedar Speeder
Mars is tough to get through as a whole item, though it has it's really strong moments (first three songs and 'Turn it Again' are my favourites). Jupiter flows really well in comparison and ends on a great note. Some highlights of that CD:

Desecration Smile - The harpsichord-style guitar effects coming in with "I love the feeling when it falls apart..."

Charlie - The song as a whole is great, but especially the instrumental theme. One thing the guys said in an interview was that this album allowed them to really mix in both the hard funk and strong melodies into single songs, and I think this (and Tell me Baby) are really good examples of that.

Torture me - The break in this song is a great fit in contrast the hard rock of the rest of the song. It's got a hint of that early Pink Floyd style "floating break" that is all over the place in Meddle.

These are just a few of the highlights as I heard them, but some pretty good ones I'd say!
I was also shocked to see so many songs packed into the album Razz thought it would be like 3 or 4 good ones the est just put in to fill the album type of ones but they all turned out to be pretty good.They are really on a roll.
M Furquan what did you expect? Looking at the previous album, that one was also full of hits, not one track that didn't make it in some top 40...
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