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Your favourite Comedians?

Again, my curiosity got the better of me.
Who are your favourite comedians?

Mine have to be:
    + Alan Partdrige
    + Bill Bailey
    + Jack Dee
    + Lenny Henry

Note the fact that they are all British. Not that I'm patriotic Laughing
George Carlin, Stephen Wright, Jake Johansson, Richard Pryor, and Sam Kinneson.

I've seen the first two live, and nearly wet myself.
Hi people,

I don΄t know if write this way:

- Jerry lewis,
- Eddie Murphy

Ray Romano
Ben Stiller
Mr. Bean
(the last 2 are actors...but they really play good)
My favorites are:
- Jim carry
- mr bean
- robin wiliams
Robin Williams
Jim Carrey
Jerry Seinfeld
Eddie Murphy
Rowan Atkinson
Paul Rodriguez
The Late Mitch Hedberg
Lewis Black
Jim Gaffigan
Maria Bamford
Brian Posehn
Zack Galifianakis
The Amazing Johnathan
Todd Barry
Dave Attell

And that's about it for now...
1. Jack Black - he is the best !!!
2. Jim Carrey
- Jim carry
- mr bean
by far the best ever comdeians...
Here are my favorites

- Robin Williams
- Chris Rock

There are alot of differnt comedians out there and they are all very, very funny, but they just cant top these two! Robin Williams and some pretty funny stuff that I didnt even know he did, I thought he was a very nice, polite, "I do disney movies" man, but oh man was I wrong! There is some pretty funny stuff out there by him!

Chris Rock is just plain funny, all of his movies he was in are awsome, his show that he has is awsome, and then there are just his acts that can make anyone laugh!

These people make my day alot better!

Later all!

Bill Bailey definatly. Comical genius as well as musically astounding.
Oh yes, I forgot, Steven Lynch.
Bill Hicks

I have all of his shows. I just can't find another other comedian funny compared to him.

I like a few of Dave Chapelles skits and there was a british comedian on comedy central once that I vaguely liked.
- Jim carry
- mr bean
- Martin Lawrence

I prefer british comadies mostly like couplings and Allo Allo
Big fan of Bill Hicks, Bill Bailey and Richard Pryor.

Saying that I bought the Richard Pryor Live + Smoking DVD the other day and its very bizarre. He just seems really nervous and uncomfortable throughout. The drunk old man skit was funny but dragged on just a little too long and became a bit awkward. Very strange.
My Favorites are

Lisa L
Sara Silverstine
William Shatner
Jim Carry
Dane Cook
Robin Williams
Chris Rock
Dave Shapelle
Adam Sandler
Adam Corolla
Carlos Mencia
David Lettermen
John Stewart
Tom Hanks
Eddie Murphey
Ryan Styles
Colin Mockery
Wayne Brady
Drew Carry
Jimmy Kimmel
My favorite comedians are:

- Rob Schneider (I dont know if the spelling is correct)
-Johnny Depp (love his performance in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
-Jack Black! Twisted Evil
Captain Fertile
I’ll write these down quick and will leave the list alone otherwise I will be here all night adding to it and taking them away again.

Peter Kay
Eddie Izzard
Alan Partridge – Ahaaaaaa!!!!!
Bob Newhart
Billy Connolly
Bill Bailey
Dennis Leary
Joe from friends
Eddie Murphy
BlockUp wrote:
Again, my curiosity got the better of me.
Who are your favourite comedians?

Mine have to be:
    + Alan Partdrige
    + Bill Bailey
    + Jack Dee
    + Lenny Henry

Note the fact that they are all British. Not that I'm patriotic Laughing

I'm with you on the first 3, but Lenny Henry? I've seen corpses that made me laugh more Wink

I'd add :

Eddie Izzard
Ricky Gervais
and the late great Bill Hicks
margaret cho is the funniest!! shes great. Laughing Laughing
i also like maria bamford, bill hicks, and australian comedians sarah kendall and will anderson are really good too.
Chevy Chase was my comedic hero as a child- the National Lampoons Vacation series was hilarious- as was Leslie Nielson in the Naked Gun series. But that's just nostalgia talking.
Billy Connolly- his 90's era was great, although if you have a problem with swearing, steer clear.
Bill Hicks and George Carlin- so funny in such a horribly terriffic way.
John Cleese in Fawlty Towers.
Will Ferrell is always great.
Jon Stewart is very witty.
I don't know if you consider Owen Wilson as a comedian, but he always cracks me up.
Mine would definitely be Dane Cook. I find him hilarious. Everything he spits out turns to gold.
David Cross, Lewis Black, Jim Gaffigan
Jerry Seinfeld, is pretty good.

Came across this today on you tube and found it fairly amusing. It's the cast and set of the hard core prison drama Oz with Jerry Seinfeld playing funny bits and taking the piss..

but definitely john steward although he has a team of writers for him and his show.
Eddie Murphy
Robin Williams
Jack Black
Jim Carrey
Mike Myers
I've seen George Carlin on a couple of occasions and to me he is the funniest living stand-up comedian. Lewis Black is kinda hot right now and he and Dennis Leary are the best angry comics. Chris Rock is naturally funny. Conan Nolan is my favorite Funny talk-show host.
I like Jim Carray(in movies only)
dave chapelle
Eddie Murphy(i guess his stand ups only)
and chris rock(stand up AND movies!)
My favourite comedians are: John Pinnette, Steve Byrne, and Dane Cook. they are all so awesome I believe. You should watch them some time they are really cool. Anyways your comedians are pretty cool too. I love comedy because it will make you laugh whenever you're not in a good mood! Razz
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