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RGB # Color matching

Hi, Can anyone tell me the best way to color match to RGB numbers.. I am using a color scanner on artwork to pickup key colors.. I then need to color correct the image in Photoshop to get as close the the scanned RGB number as possible... So far I have been using trial and error method with color balance... but this takes ages..
I’m not sure if I understand your question but when I need to get some exact color in Photoshop, I open the picture which contains that color (or I make a screenshot and then paste it in Photoshop editor) and just use eyedropper tool to pick the color.
I'm not really understanding what you do either.

What I do to try to match RGB values is I take a screenshot of the page (scrnshot key) and open up Paint and paste it in there. I use the eyedropper tool to get the color I want, and immediately from there I go into color settings and custom color, and look at the RGB values and use those. If I'm using a hex code, I'll convert the values from decimal to hex.

But even that is a bit tedious.
I use a program called 'ColorPic'

It's free, and I think it does exactly what you want.
I Guess, If you are using a photo editing software like Photoshop or Gimp then u can always open the second image and use the eyedropper tool to pick any color u want and note down the values also if needed for a later use from the color selection dialog.
I don't know about photoshop, but the GIMP will store color pallets for you, relieving you of the burden of ever having to copy down RGB values, in the case that the colors come from another image.
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