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Enabling ports in AVG firewall

Ei guys, I had no luck and I had been trying to configure my AVG firewall to enable port access for one of my PCs. I can't seem to see any configuration for port blocking or enabling. Any of you have AVG firewall and able to configure the ports properly? Thanks in advance. Very Happy
Usually you don't have to configure ports in your anti virus program...only in your router (if you have one) and in winXP (if you don't have SP2).

I have no experience with AVG, so I cant tell you anything, but i can recommend this useful website Smile
That's a very handful answer I can say. Now, try to find something in google about it and give me an answer - if you find a thing. You will not find one topic which answers that. Quite a terribly good suggestion Rolling Eyes . Now, this is computer support and myself am a bit tech savvy in these things. However, this is my first time to try AVG Firewall not antivirus, as I have tried numerous firewalls before like ZA, Sygate, McAffee and many others. And AVG doesn't have an option about ports. I was kindly asking for anyone who has an experience in AVG Firewall not antivirus Rolling Eyes . So please answer with something not like try google if you have no idea or if you just want to upgrade post counts. Anyways, thanks for the input. Isn't it obvious that this is computer support topic and I barge in to the right forum. Tried google numerous time with no luck and even AVG online support and documentation. Now let's get back to topic and anyone who has AVG Firewall not antivirus?
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