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Guns N Roses (the old one)

S3nd K3ys
Aside from Mr. Brownstone and one or two others, I never much liked fags and posers.
I loved the band. Guns n Roses are one of my favorite bands. There songs were really good. I liked Civil War the most. Thats just my opion though.
Pyro Man
I love em to fuc***g awesome! Shame Axl had to be such a d**k and sack Slash.
Pyro Man
he he yeah. Mr Brownstone is prtty decent, Rocket Queen, OF COURSE SWEET CHILD O' MINE, Civil war, dont cry, ESTRANGED (Makes me sad, reminds me of the extreme love sick times), nightrain, November Rain, aint it fun, Sympathy for the devil(Stones cover), Pateince and very, very many more.
S3nd K3ys
Ahh yes... Civil War Wink
I like all of the old albums, but not all the songs.
Did you see that Axl show up last several years? He behaves like a rapper! not a Rocking star
Pyro Man wrote:
I love em to fuc***g awesome! Shame Axl had to be such a d**k and sack Slash.

I'm not sure why so many people think Axl kicked Slash out of the band. It's been said time and time again, Slash left of his own accord. His relationship with Axl had been rocky for well over a year, and finally near the end of 1996 he just got fed up with it and left. There was a lot of bad blood between them. Possibly it was one of those "You can't fire me, I quit" situations?

Back on the actual topic - Guns n Roses rocked. Slash is a major influence of mine. They had a pretty steady stream of classics. Good stuff, except for Axl's arrogance. It's unfortunate it still hasn't seemed to fade even after all these years. Was anyone else not shocked to hear Chinese Democracy's release has been pushed back into next year? Anyone think this album will ever actually be released?
I think guns n roses were great and I love Paradise city!
I just love them, especially their Sweet Child of Mine..

and Paradise City too. It is a shame that they are disband.
i used to like their songs... never too much though... just ok ok... 'civil war' and 'estranged' are probably the best.
Captain Fertile
I loved Guns n Roses until they actually appeared live. BIG disappointment.

Dont get me wrong, the band was magic, the play list was excellent and the set-up was out of this world but the wonderful Mr. Rose spent more time changing his clothes than actually singing.

At one point I had to remind myself I was at a Rock gig and not a fashion show.

I am sure I saw the rest of the band rolling there eyes every time Axl disappeared to change into his newest ensemble.

I half-expected him to come out on stage in tears and claim he simply had nothing else to wear and then ask if his bum looked big in this? Which it DID!

The big tart!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Captain
I like old Gn'R. In my opinion Apettite is one of the best rock albums of all time. Later albums weren't as good but still, they were OK.
And new Gn'R is... crap. Ron Thal, Stinson... they're great musicians but they doesn't fit to this band!
sweet child of mine is a good song. Slash is cool
The new Guns N' Roses started off pretty crap, but now they are an amazing 'collective'.

Axl has got huis voice back in shape and Robin Finck on guitars is sublime.

I have watched The new Guns with former member Izzy doing "Used to Love her" live and it was brilliant. Velvet Revolver (who have most of the former Guns members did the same song, live and with Izzy again and it was nowhere near as good.

Get on Youtube and watch the most recent concerts!
chessy posers i think that somes them up
yes after Metallica they were the greatest band, i listen sweet child o mine, every week, regulary and, i have its video clip, its amazing he dances and figures in the clip, the characters were really unusual.
Does anyone know a very good fansite for this band?
I'm asking coz maybe there is one which i cannot google
I like them.

From "Reckless Life" to the newest "Oh, my god".

I love all of their songs!
Great band!!
My favorite song -November Rain with amaising solo by Slash!!
Loved Guns N Roses as well. Just loved everything about it , esp slash. Kinda sad to have them break up , but then again nothing good lasts forever.

November Rain & Sweet Child of Mine Very Happy
I was a huge fan of the Original GnR. I have to admit though Velvet Revolver is pretty impressive. I have refused to go and see the new GnR in concert. I haven't even heard any of their new songs if they have any.
Is good to our history of rock to have had a band like guns n roses!!! its great!!! All of the members are good musicians!! Its true!! so thats what I think about guns n roses!!! They rocked!!!
my friend is GnR freak! Their songs are good and nice.
I think thats because of gentle work with guitar sound and loads of deatails in their music.
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