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Pictrure hosting?!?!

Dose any one know if I'm able to store pictures that I will be useing on my web page within frihost?

Can some one please let me know soon? Preferably a modirator.
Yeah, I see no reason why not.

I store pictures on Frihost, usually banners and logos, but I doubt there is a problem with it.
what about backgound and portfolio pics ?
as cal says there shouldnt be an issue...

how ever i remember talk about hi-res images using alot of bandwidth and this is something u'd have to watch....

also iirc linking to images on your frihost space isnt allowed...

if yu are worried for the time being use an image hoster such as Cool
Yeah, for high-space pics, use a different photo/image host. Otherwise, you'll be fine with portfolio/background pics.
Well jpeg and png are hi res but low bandwidth and small size so thats not the problem. Also linking I wont be doing but for the internal web page ill be useing aobut 20 to 30 images thats about 3 to 4 megs not much space or upload time for them.
Should be fine as long as they aren't porn or anything Laughing

Hotlinking is allowed, and I doubt you'd be able to drain your bandwidth with images considering it's quite a lot.
naa no porn just some pics form a game i play non grafic so thats not a problem ether just i was reading the agrements and it stated no picture storeing, to use outside sorces so i was thinking whats all the space for then emails? lol
hot linkings allowed? thanks for that i have 1 or 2 images that i use to advertise and cant afford to not have show from photobucket server down time!

i have big plans i play a game called HERO you can cheak it out at its a realy fun game but i need storage for images that i will be useing for my web page with info about the guild and so forth.
ya there is the provision of having picture hosted
there is no thing like hosting texts onluy
There should not be a problem. After all you got a sertain hard drive space and bandwidth you can use.
Well u have 250 mb... theres plenty of space there for images XD. as for hotlinking, u should be able to do it. as long as u post on the forums to keep ur account active i highly doubt there is a problem.
Imageshack is interesting!

HazeCreations wrote:
if u host too large pictures on frihost, you may run out of bandwidth...
ashok wrote:
if u host too large pictures on frihost, you may run out of bandwidth...

If it's normal images for webpages then it should be small. You have 10GB bandwidth! And one image should be less than 1mb or even less then 500kb, there should be enough bandwidth. If you don't want to use frihost then use or photobucket. I prefer imageshack cos you don't have to register
Arseniy offers great image hosting. imageshack is boring now... their servers are full-loaded and images upload with errors.
but best of all - is your FRIhost hosting.
You can put any picture on Frihost has long as it abides the rules that bondings has set. And if you don't want to waste your bandwidth use photobucket.
Storing pictures on Frihost is not any problem...however...let me tell you a story, when I subscribed about a year ago. After a few months the server crashed. Right after my website was finished. I luckily had everything still on my harddisk. If not, I had lost everthing, because everything on that server 2 had to reload it's information, there was nothing left...I just had to upload everyhting again and my website was back. After that, no trouble at all...but be aware, sometjing like that can always happen...keep a backup of what you do...

I have fotoalbums on my site and there is no problem or whatsoever to have that. Those are my pictures...
I remember that crash too, I had to reinstall my forum which is always a pain with all the mods but if you use Dreamweaver, every time you save the site it makes a local backup... that's useful Smile
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