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Master Lockwolf 3.2

Its something I started for fun back about september/october in tech class, the master lockwolf series webpages. I started with a simple 3 frame looking site which was considered the best in the class due to it looking like an actually decent webpage. I started to learn flash and I made my own flash based site after that (Master Lockwolf 2.0-2.2). After I didnt have as much freedom as I should, I moved on to php nuke (Master Lockwolf 3.0-*)

I am on Version 3.2 of my sites and here it is:

A few features it has:
Forums - Duh standard with PHP-Nuke
Friend Finder - A matchmaker style script for meeting people online, kinda neat
A Toplist - A toplist so you can link to me and recieve traffic from me
Hot or Not? - I customized an image gallery to be a Hot or Not style image rating gallery, Kinda cool.

Also I am always adding new things and looking for new suggestions all the time. Give it a looking at and throw me some feedback (Note: Not all features listed above are avaliabe without redgistering)
so any feedback?
First of all I like the header background graphic. I am a big fan of the pixel grid effect. Us pixel freaks notice stuff like that.

I went ahead and registered and the process went smoothly. But I ran into problems trying to upload a picture for the Hot or Not feature. I guess maybe I had to create a photoablum first but I was successul in doing that. Then I couldn't really find the upload picture link.

As far as additional content. Do you like writing articles or posting interesting links? That might be great filler especially if you are funny or you know your way around the web as far as links go.
Thanks for the feedback
Also, I just changed a few things with the upload and it worked fine from my computer
Nice site. I want to know what did you use for your download section. I want something similiar for my own site. I like your Top Sites page as well but why do you have voting for your top sites? Don't you like them enough? Isn't that why you're sharing them? Not meaning to sound like a ^@&!@, I'm really just curious. Also, I really like the way you incorporated your forums into the web page. It looks good. I think it I didn't hear so much about the security exploits, I would've tried php-Nuke myself Laughing
The thing about topsites is that its more of a link exchange thing

Lets say that you wanted to get some traffic for your site, you would add your site to my toplist and a pre-scripted html link back to my site. doing this will register your site saying that this traffic came from your site causing your ranking on the list to be higher so you would get more traffic back.
That is a great idea. When I get my site together, I'll definately use the top site list! Btw, what is the focus of your site? Gaming? Music? Tech help? I know your site is new but I didn't see enough to tell me.

(seeing you listed in the forum as a newbie was pretty funny!)
there is no real theme to my site, its just a general site
Very nice i like that design make blue it would be better
Friend Finder - A matchmaker style script
Hot or Not

Where are they?

Anyway, the design is good! I like it!
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