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Paul Robinson

England were in a confortable position last night,holland never looked like scoring,and from a throw in and a ball in the air they score,all because robinson never came out to collect or punch the ball while it was in the air,it was the same all through the world cup,he would never come out for crosses,a good shot stopper he maybe,but unless he takes responsibilty and come out when balls are in the air,england will continue to give away soft goals like the one they let in last night.
England should find another Goalkeeper. Robinson is not the best in England I think. He's damn stu**d!
Hoogeveense RAT
He isn't vert good if you ask me, but I can't say an other english goalkeeper who is better than him.
he is average goalkeeper,but you cant find better in england
He is not very good but enough for england. Currently he is one of the best goal keeper for england. I think David Seaman was better than him.
I think Paul Robinson and James are in the same level - they are not bad, but not very well...
I'm not a Robinson fan, but I think the whole defence was to blame for that goal. It should have been cleared at the first attempt.

The best keepers in England at the moment are

Scott Carson - having a great season on loan at Charlton. Shame about the team.

Chris Kirkland
- finally injury free and proving what a good keeper he really is.

Ben Foster
- another great keeper but in a struggling team. Ben is actually from Leamington where I live. I've played snooker against his dad and brother on many occasions in the local snooker league. Very Happy

David James is having a good season, but he's had his chances in the past and can't see him featuring again.
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