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A world without oil

All of us know that oil resources are being slowly depleted and consumption is rapidly increasing. So I place this for your consideration.
First use of oil that comes to most people’s mind is fuel for their cars. Ok, we can find alternatives to power our cars. What about the airplanes?
Where else is oil used? One place is the pointing device you used to click on this topic which is made from plastic. Plastic is made from oil. Look at all the things made out of plastics including my product (www). What do we do when there is no more plastic. A wooden computer keyboard?
Another use of oil is lubrication. Your car’s engine and transmission, the bearings in equipment used to manufacture many different products including electric power.
Did you know that oil is even in cosmetics (makeup)? eek!
As Abraham Lincoln said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”.
I am open for suggestions?
A world without oil, would be a world without a War in Iraq.

From all the things you pointed out, It really would be hard to think about a world without oil.
Well most likely the word consumption of oil will drop in 30-40 years, caused by the oil starting to run out. Then there will be alternative fuels to cars, planes and ships, maybe fuel cells. Then the oil will almost only be used to make polyester clothes, plastic etc. Then the last oil will be enough for another 30-40 years, and at that time there should be some kind of new materials, "surrogate-plastic".
So I think the biggest changes will be:
-The biggest environment problems will (hopefully) get solved slowly (like polar ice melting)
-Many materials will be replaced by new.

Continuing this:
Many many problems are caused by us using oil. And all this talk about what I mentioned before, polar ices melting and such, I don't think we will get to a global heating disaster... yet. The oil will run out, and the Earth will slowly get back in shape.
If not, then it could be The Judgement Day.
A world without oil... sadly, that's rich... Unfortunately, the oil industry doesn't care about the future. As long as they are rich today, all is well. They just pay off the inventors that are trying to save the world for future generations... It is impossible to imagine a world without oil, the oil is here, and it is here to stay, until it runs out. Then what will happen? I can see the headlines now: "Global Stock Crash, World in Environmental Chaos, 3 weeks until THE BIG BLACKOUT"
I am so sorry, I do not even think this is relevant.
But a world without oil, would be less slippery.

Theoreticly, it is true.

Care to see the logic, my dear friends?

Without oil the mother nature and her ozon layer would not take a hell of a beating like she do now.
Okay, we would not have our fancy cars, but hey - the human could live a life without oil before, so why can they not do it now?
Are we really so in need of a material who destroy nature?

My thoughts. No complains.
As a race humans don't need any oil we have many other things we can use for energy like the sun, wind, tides, valcanos. Smile
Without oil the mother nature and her ozon layer would not take a hell of a beating like she do now.

Well actually the oil hasn't done anything to the ozone layer. It's the CFC-containing aerosol sprays that makes it deplete. The banning of those sprays has made the ozone layer to start recovering. And I think that's great! Very Happy
If there wasn't oil there also shouldn't be any eart-gas.
And would there be a lot more ozon left Razz
ARG what junk have they fed the people crud oil is not bad but when refined or shal i say wile refining we polut the ozone and when we burn it we depleat the oxygen in the air and plants cant keep up with the poisons that are connected with the co2 that is expeld form cars trucks busses home heaters... so on and so forth. coal is cleaner burning than oil.
Your point of the world running out of plastic is interesting, but I doubt it'll be a crisis. Plastic would gradually become more expensive, giving us time to get used to using less and less of it. Wooden keyboard? no. Try a metal keyboard. Oil for lubrication? Modified vegetable oil should do nicely. You can already buy synthetic oil for your car.
lol did you know that there is a plastic made only form plants and is stronger than current products problem is its biodegradable lol or is that a problem....
S3nd K3ys
Dragon2Storm wrote:
lol did you know that there is a plastic made only form plants and is stronger than current products problem is its biodegradable lol or is that a problem....

Did you know everything we've EVER made came from NATURAL RESOURCES FOUND RIGHT HERE ON EARTH!?!?!???

Rolling Eyes
yes problem is plants are a reviving resorce where others we have a limited suply of. gaaa i reached my post limit call a moderator i need points Shocked
Until the oil and coal runs out, the cold fusion is invented and all energy problems will be blown away. At least, I hope so... Smile
fushion exists it fishion that produces more energy for less but its unstable and can go atomic at any time.
Dragon2Storm wrote:
fushion exists it fishion that produces more energy for less but its unstable and can go atomic at any time.

You had some close competitors, but in my opinion, this is the one post that is worthy of my award.
you have got to be kidding =/ its got some bad grammer but come on its true. you also forgot to state its a quote form me lol.
We have to make more fuel efficent cars. And use more hybirds and stuff like that. All the minors things help too. Anything to reduce the amount of oil needed. Even things like swithing from oil to gas for heat.

I just learnt how we have to conserve this in Science class. It is an important thing that we need everyone to work on.
oil is a bad object to deal with most oil companys are trying to hide the fact that its bad for the enviroment.
I think a world without oil is quite possible and it will soon (as in a few decades) will be reality (especialyl if oil runs out). There are plenty of other energy sources as stated earlier. One thing to replace todays cars are electric cars (which are said to already have been invented and working fine but gm recalled them after pressure from oil companies [a movie on this is coming out called who killed the electric car?]) or if that doesn't work out then somehting like ethanol powered (which is already availible) cars would also work.
if people realy looked deaper toyota has a new hydrogen fule car and 6 hydrogen gas stations in the usa. i think that geting 600 miles to the gallon on hydrogen and it burns clean filter thru water it can be reused as well.
Dragon2Storm wrote:
you have got to be kidding =/ its got some bad grammer but come on its true. you also forgot to state its a quote form me lol.

Note just above the quote where it says "Dragon2Storm wrote:"

Half-kidding. The retarded post of the day award is just made up by me (being inspired by a similar thing at another forum) as a way to pick on particularly retarded posts; it's not even given daily.

As for why yours won:
-The spelling and 'grammer' mistakes.
-Scientific errors
-Logical error
-Irrelevance to topic
ill take all the blowes but the scientific errors i did do my resurch.
a world without oil is just unimaginable.....

future wars will not be fought over land or pride, but for oil. we have already begun to see the lust for oil and the war in iraq.

oil is a irreplenishable commodity which is getting depleted at an even faster rate. our oil reserves are dryin up day by day as our hunger for oil increases exponentially.

for the time being, a wolrd without oil is hard to imagine....
Our forefathers lived thousands of years without (using) oil, so why shouldn't we be able to it?

BTW, I think ocalhoun gave the most relevant award ever.
The world without oil is like a river without water. But the advantage of that is less pollutions - more fresh air, less money consumptions. And the disadvantage is Every job is hard to do as it will affect the efficiency of every work. Imagine the world has no oil, It looks like we're on the Flintstones, we actually drive a car with our feet . Its look like crazy....
Potentially, in 30-40 years' time we could make use of nanotechnology to manufacture products that presently use plastic. That is well within present predictions of the technology's development, even on the scale that it would be needed.

No doubt that poorer countries would be the ones that suffer worst from the resource depletion. Most likely the rich/poor divide would increase substantially.
It is clear as day that we must stop burning oil...after all, it has many other a lot more usefull tires, clothes,electronics,cars....EVERYTHING!!!It is the best matterial in this stop burning it!We could stop burning oil 70 year ago, but we didn't... I don' tbeliee that we will until it is depleted, or until its price come to something like 10Euros/litre...
Its like the water problem...People will not do anything, until one day no more water will come into their house...

What could we use instead of plastic? Probably some sort of ceramics with glass type protection. If you check it out, it is the most possible solution.They are cheap, and they can be altered to have many different and very nice "powers".

~~~We can of course also hope that something else will be found miraculusly like in movies...
A world without oil will never happen. Corn oil is going to become "gas" for cars. Maybe we won' have fossil fuels, but corn oil is just as good.
Some say mankind will destroy the world... Not true. There ain't going to be an ice age or anything because of our uber exploitations of the world with oil, because, like you said, it's just another 30-40 years before oil will start to be hard to find. And it's said that it's another 30-40 years before the world will start to really show signs of being affected by ozone stuff...

The world is much stronger than mankind, and will always fix itself; we will easily cope without oil. New technologies will be found to cover for cosmetics, cars, etc... and hey, I don't see a problem with wooden keyboards; they'd be pretty cool, in fact.

the world is fully developed with machineries.
almost every of thm are operated by the fuel
and lets imagine those machines without fuel they will b just a piece of steel or less than that
so world will go back in rock stage
the world is fully developed with machineries.
almost every of thm are operated by the fuel
and lets imagine those machines without fuel they will b just a piece of steel or less than that
so world will go back in rock stage
A world without oil is just like shooting a targets by blank bullets. Most of the factories are depending on oil for mass production.

Unless, another Einstein will just pop a great idea to develop oil independent machineries.
Yeah, these wooden keyboards do look very cool:

World - Oil = 0 Pollution.
i understand what you mean... and i know the importance of oil in our lives for long time... however, in this world, only a minority of people understand it... for the purpose of money, people are still over exhausting the oil resourses, seems that there are infinity supply from the Earth. Although the sceintists are now working hard in finding other kinds of renewable recourses, we are still using oil as the main way....... ... i think our next generations will face serious problems.... as you said, no planes, no plastic, no heat.... etc...
It is said that the next economic power will be the one who will be controlling the power needs of other countries. For now, we all know that the source of oil and other petroleum products are finite and limited. And scientists of different countries are now in race of finding new sources of energy. Whoever comes first in finding new technology resources would bring their country to flourish just like what is happening now to countries who produces big amount of oil for the world.
A world without oil would be great. Think, no wars, no polloution, life would be a better place, apart from the fact of energy for cars but the huan race has achived alot of things, they could achive to get through a world without oil.
I already live in a world without oil. I ride a bicycle and the bus system in Olympia runs on biodiesel. I think you guys would like it!
S3nd K3ys
wrong forum
yeah technology will definitely help us by the time oil becomes extinct
I think we shouldn't use oil at all. I think we sould use bio fuels (like 100% methelated ethanol).
A world without oil???? Yes we do have solar, wind, tidal energy etc.. But, why was oil chosen as a source of energy. Simply, because it is far cheaper to produce oil. With the rise of countries like India and China, we will see a huge rise in the need for cheap energy. Oil satisfies this perfectly. But, soon oil shall be replaced with solar and other forms of energy when the resources become available.

Thumbs up to a green world. A thumbs up emoticon would have been better but ain't there.
Ghost Rider103
I wouldnt mind a world without oil. It would make the earth a much cleaner place. Less smog, better for our entire worl if there was no oil. There wouldnt be any oil to run those trains, cars, bikes, machinery, etc.

And a wodden keyboard, would be dumb. I would take the metal keyboard.

Eletric cars are also fine with me.
means new materials, perhaps more intelligent, sensorite materials which can alter their surface tension on a molecular level. like special electrically bonded liquids, or furry tactile materials which can trasnmit data back to you through your own senses.
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