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I need help

Should I...
Leave it until penalty wears off
 11%  [ 1 ]
Suck up (I don't want alot of these)
 11%  [ 1 ]
Do good things but not look like I'm trying to relieve punishment
 77%  [ 7 ]
Total Votes : 9

Dougnut King
My mom is ticked that I lied to her that I was doing games and not home work...twice. I feel like an awful son Crying or Very sad , and I want some help on how to get out of hot water. I need some suggestions, and if it's totally sucking up to her, I'm not listening Rolling Eyes

Again, some help would be nice.
Face the music, "do the crime, do the time".

Is this a subject that really needs a poll?
Well, you did not say what your penalty was? Not to sound like an adult, but education is important. Why not impress yourself with top scores on your studies?
I understand how you feel. Anxious I sometimes have the same problem. I think you really shouldn't LIE about it. Parents hate that. But sometimes parents are just too strict and stuff like that. I mean just let us play for a while...

My suggestion is to chill out, stop playing for a day (JUST 1 DAY!!!), and they will forgot all about it. Very Happy
In holland there is a TV commercial about Broadband online-gaming. Some boy is making homework at his room, but when his daddy has checked if he realy is making homework and closes the door, the boy's room changes in a real games room. His desk turns around and underneath there's a steering wheel and a big screen TV... I was just thinking of that commercial when I read this post.. Rolling Eyes

Still I agree with RiCtee... You'd better make you're homework, and when it is finished, you can play computergames for the rest of the day!
Give up gameing for a wile or just do your home work first. Also you need to set prioritys gameing is for fun so you must finish your work to play. Just curios what game?
Just do good next time. If you do something, face the consequences. Parent do not intently hurting you, they just concern about your life. So, be good. Do your things like theres no tomorrow but in a balance manner.
Parents aren't totally into homework either. try this...

1. Mom, I don't want to do my homework right now, but I'd like to clean up the kitchen with you so we can have a cup of tea and catch up a little once the house is in order.

2. Gosh, mom...I really like video games, but with all this homework I feel like I have to sacrifice family time in order to get alittle down time for me to cut loose and relax.

I don't mean to sound so old here, but I wish I could give back every minute I ever spent on a video game for little family time. You know, the life you are taking for granted as a kid who doesn't know any better. Video games come and go, and you won't get rich or have anything to show for the hours you spend on them now later in life.

Well, I too like video games, but the adrenaline passes and they will eventually loose their ability to captivate your attention. God forbid that's the only thing you are good at when you are older.

I'm really starting to sound like my father, but it's the truth, and hopefully we can all learn to invest our time in things that will grow over time: like relationships, skills, careers, or just plain knowledge.

Now, get off the computer and go do your home work! LOL ;-p
You shouldn't get answers for such stuff for the net, simply because the answer depends in many things like, what is your exact relationship with your parents, your parent's character, your character, etc...Just do what you thing is best... AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK......... After all, it actually is your future...
I think this topic, and poll, have run it's know the differance between right and wrong.

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