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Any other Bassists out there?

I play bass, which completely owns electric guitar any day. I love playing jazz, rock, and blues; well, I like playing just about anything as long as it has it's own individuality and, of course, if it sounds good.

I've been playing for just over a year. I have to admit it's much harder than guitar (which I played for about two years).

I can play alot of simple bass lines, a few more complex ones, like Red Hot Chili Peppers (but only their basic stuff! like Zephyr Song, Dosed, Give it Away).

At the moment, I have a British made ( Dancing ) Wesley bass, but it's just an imitation of a Fender Jazz Bass.

So, are there any other bassists here? Tell me everything!
Hey there, I've been playing bass for a couple of years now, i know exactly what you mean compared to guitar.

Simple bass riffs will always get the guitarists saying "thats easy, guitar is much harder" but more complex bass playing is by far harder than guitar. I play a little bit of electric guitar as well so I can say this for sure!
I think that one of the most difficult things playing the bass is to keep the rhythm...
The Mitchell
bass is ace. so is guitar. as are effects. things with lights make me smile Smile
yeah, im a bassist.

the question has to be asked:

Do you use a pick?

because unrtill recently, i had gone by the rule: piucks are for pussies

but then i saw matt freeman at a rancid gig using a pick, and seeing as i idolise him, i might have to rethink my rule....

i been playing for about 4 years, bass is easy, i just cant make up stuff, im not musical at all, wack a tab in front of me and i will play it, but im just not a musical guy really. Sad
The Mitchell
Yantaal wrote:
because unrtill recently, i had gone by the rule: piucks are for pussies

Foolish muistake. i never understand the population of people that say dont do this dont do that. Do whatever the hell you want. if the noises coming out of the amp sound how you want em to sound usea goddamn pool que if thats what it takes.
Yantaal wrote:
yeah, im a bassist.

the question has to be asked:

Do you use a pick?

Yeah, sometimes. Why not? They are useful when you play fast music, and if you play with your fingers too much they burn. So yeah, if I need to play anything fast, I use a pick. But fingerstyle sounds a lot much better.
yeah, i can play fast or slow with my fingers.

my fingers are hard as shit....

but with a pick the sound coing out of the amps is quite tinny.

fingers give a much richer bassy sound
The Mitchell
play around with your settings on your amp or even basses. most of my tone comes from my pedals and my amp rather than my bass so its not to hard to change sounds live.
no amount of fiddling can account for the beutifull ritchness of the fingerd bass., but think with those tunings on a fingerd bass, would be heavenly.
Of course now that we have the bass players coming out of the closet, who is actually playing in a band and doing something with the music??? Interested in doing more? In the Tucson Arizona area?? Contact me:-)

BTW, I have played bass for 6 years, it is easier than guitar although it does require more strength. Bass players always get the girl, no matter what the lead singer says.... Although I will quote a favorite song here....

"forget all about that macho s*%t and learn how to play guitar!"
haha, well the bassist in my band (me) is the the one in the longest standing relationship, so i guess your right.

im in england, so i wont be coming to see you in arizona, sorry about that
yeh i play bass to.

examples of my work can be found
I've been playing bass since this last summer and I love it. I'm not very good at making up my own stuff, but by listening to something else or looking at a tab I can usually play it after awhile. It's just such a fun instrument to play Very Happy

When I first started I used a pick because my fingers weren't fast enough, but after much practice they are faster now.

I mainly play classic rock , Rush, Boston, Journey, stuff like that. I have also played a little blues here and there.
Bass is pretty cool; right now I'm working on playing every song from London Calling (by the Clash). I only have one or two songs down though. Embarassed Pretty fun instrument to play, and it's a hell of a lot easier than electric guitar.
i'm not a bass player but i play it sometimes in my dead time , i am lead guitarist , my brother is a bass player and is on the first steps of music, but he can sounds his bass good like a professional bass men . plz play Victa wooten , DO YOU KNOW HIM ? Question
I play bass, I don't use a pick.

Mostly because I just never learned how to. I suppose I could work on getting it down accurately, but it feels like I'm going backwards, relearning the songs & riffs I already know. But I do believe there is a time to use a pick and a time not to. It depends on what sound you want.

Did any of you guys learn guitar before bass? I've been told that it's best to learn guitar first, which is something i've never done. I started on the bass about 2 years ago and haven't bothered to pick up a guitar.
Yeah, I played guitar when I was very young. I think it has helped! I can play some harder bass lines that other bassists who have been learning for longer have not mastered yet. My dad pays for professional lessons for me as well, so obviously that plays some part.
I play bass Smile.

Be playing for three years this coming April.

When I first taught myself, I steered clear of picks and to this day haven't used one.

More speed in the fingers anyways.
I started out as a guitarist, but if you want to join a band, bassists are in high demand. There are plenty of guitarists out there and not enough bassists. If you can play bass, and you know any musicians, I can promise you will be asked to play bass in a band somewhere along the line.

Bass can be really easy, but it can also be very complicated. I guess it depends on how you play, just like any instrument. I think almost anybody can pick up a bass and play along, but it's a different story to play with style. I can be really fun or really boring, depending on what you are playing. It's really fun to express yourself on bass, and I think it can add great depth to a song. Even a simple bassline can drive a song.
The Mitchell
Yantaal wrote:
no amount of fiddling can account for the beutifull ritchness of the fingerd bass., but think with those tunings on a fingerd bass, would be heavenly.

There is a good point made there but on the same note you cant imitate the sound of a hrash pick either. whatever suits the song Smile
Been playing bass since I was in 5th that makes about 8 years now and I have yet to find a better instrument (cept digital mixing, but thats just a hobby Very Happy )
I started playing when I was about 13 (7 years ago), and still have my first bass (4 string Washburn Lyon).

Since then, I bought an Ibanez SDGR 6 string bass, that I sold about a year after I bought it. I regret ever selling that thing, as it was the sweetest bass I have ever played. So comfortable, and fat, and it sounded beautiful.

Funny thing is, is that I sold it for more stuff for my drums, which I sold last year to pay for stuff for my car.

Guess I got screwed in the long run. Very Happy

If I could get that bass back again, I wouldn't even give it a second thought.
Captain Fertile
You mentioned that you own a Wesley Bass.

I was going to purchase a (six-string semi-acoustic) guitar from Wesley via Ebay but in the end settled for another make despite hearing a lot of good things about the Wesley guitars and the service.

What Wesley guitar did you buy? Also what do you think of it and how was the service?

I know Wesley are classed as a cheap make but they produce some stunning looking guitars that are worthy a place in the home on decorative value only so how do they rate with you as instruments too?

I would love to hear your opinions.

The Captain

PS I used to play bass many moons ago when I was single (just dabbled with it) and used to have a cracking Yamaha bass.

I am now taking up music again and decided to go with the six string to learn properly so the wife and kids can join in with the fun - its hard to get the family to sing along to the bass line of Another one bites the dust!!!
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