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The mars Volta Amputechture

What about New album??
Only recently got my hands on their 'Frances the Mute' album, before which I hadn't even heard of the Mars Volta. Was very impressed- diverse interesting styles. Thanks for the heads up, gonna track that new one down..
Citizen Kane
It's good, really good! But definately NOT easy listening. De-loused in the comatorium is much easier to listen to.

Actually all of their work is really good! I really like the approach they've taken from the mainroad.
frances the mute was there best one,m debut was pretty good to. think they went a bit overboard wiv this one
I think what happened with Amputhecture is that is really hard to listen (as someone said earlier) and I think the reason is the lack of an conceptual argument line. Both of their previous albums had that. The first one, Deloused in the Comatorium, tells a fictional story (based on the death of a close friend named Julio Venegas) about an artist who goes into a coma through an overdose and creates a whole new world inside of the coma. Second, Frances The Mute, is about an orphan looking for his parents. The idea came to them as Jeremy Ward (died close to the release of the first album) found a diary left in a car he was working on. So what they did is having a idea that eventually turned into the topic for each of the albums. To me, it seems that those albums are really complex but since they have a line, a concept, that goes through them. It pulls everything together.

They decided to move in another direction and that didn't work out well in terms of easy-listening. I still think is a wonderful album (even though my favorite will be Deloused) The topic of Amputechture is pretty interesting:"Fear of God". I saw them live last september in Sacramento and they confirmed they're one of the best alternative bands out there. And they haven't sold out yet... And I hope they don't.

Hope this long reply had made some sense
Patriot Players
I havent got their new album yet, but so far my favorite album of theirs is De-loused. Their music is really interesting, not the sort of stuff you listen to in order to sing along (because god knows most people cant hit those high notes) but rather as an experience similar to listening to classical music, listening just for the value of listening. Its intriguing to say the least.
De-Loused is my favourite as well, just because it seems to have more substance, the music seems more condensed. Oddly enough, I like Amputechture for the opposite reason, it wanders around through various soundscapes, kind of fun to just drift along to it. Tetragrammaton's probably my favourite out of Amputecture. Just before the vocals kick in, the minor chords in the guitar just seem stunningly beautiful to me.
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