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Pro Tools Website

Here's a link to a site that I have worked many, many hours on and am very proud of: Allpro Electronics[/url].

It is actually the very FIRST website that I have completed (and continuously working on). I had absolutely zero knowledge of web design before I started this project and basically learned the ins and outs during the making of it.

This company sales and repairs Pro Audio recording tools from companies like Digidesign, Yamaha, Mackie, Roland, Peavey, Glyph, Neumann, etc. etc.). Besides being a sales and repair company, the people here are absolutely the most knowledgeable people in their field of business.
I like it. It has a good and functional design and the content is easly delivered to the customer. Just fix the link into your post (you've added /url at the end Wink ).
The site has good layout design looks professional.
No website!!
The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
The website is always there unless I am doing "routine maintenance". If I am doing routine maintenance, there is a page that lets you know how long the web site will be back up and running.

Website is still there....
The problem is solved. Good work.
nice n professional layout...
{name here}
Do a little better organizing on the main content. Then fix the HTML - validate it after sticking the proper tag specifying what coding it is(UTF-8 or whatever).
Dude the site rocks! I dont know if all ur coding is correct but on a layout perspective its rivals most any professional site I have seen yet. Its so easy to navigate. I actually am interested in that kind of gear so it was interesting for me to cruise around.

Real nice job!
Hmm The header is professional, tho a menu on the left would be better I think.
Also im not sure about those logo's and the FRee thingy, it ruine your layout a bit.....
Nice site, but there seems to be a lot of empty space all around.
I'm not going to lie that's a pretty professional looking web site. It's really cool and very professional looking. Keep up the good work! I recommending you add some features to it, it doesn't look like you can do much there. But seriously nice job!
What's the point of bumping a year old topic?
Though the site has got a professional looks like a mess.... A nice arrangement on topics may help..!! It is just a suggestion...!!

Have a nice time..!! Laughing Cool Laughing
Looks real nice, I should get creative with my website as well.
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