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Taste the Money.

Why did you open this thread?

    You thought the slogan was captivating.
    You thought it was a thread about making money.
    The juxtaposition of two seemingly unrelated subjects stimulated your curiosity.
    You open all threads.
    You open all new threads.
    A combination of the points mentioned above.
    If the reason is purely curiosity with no apparent stipulation please verify.

This is a study in the effectiveness of response catalysts in the form of mottos or catchphrases as the point of origin. If your motivation for opening the thread is not reflected in the list, please post it. In addition to your unique reason please state what the first thing you thought of when you saw the phrase or/and what it reminds you of.
You could have made a Poll of this thread...

I was just curious what this thread would be about.. Also I open all threads to look for interesting posts. Maybe I can learn something from it... But also I was interested in making money or something like that (so I can afford a payd host) Razz Wink

I see I've been misleaded..
Rico wrote:

You open all new threads.

Yeah, that's about it.
How else could I get so many posts?

You thought it was a thread about making money.
You open all new threads.

I don't think over what the headlines are.. Only very shortly..

To get my attention you have to add a more complex or wierd headline.. like "Eat me, COW!!" or "I'm a HAMSTERFREAK!!!" or something..

I did'nt eaven get the topic at first.. I thougt it was a locked topic, cause it looked like it had been locked by a moderator! Wink

And I did not think about money at all.. More about some food I now have to eat!! Very Happy
The juxtaposition of two seemingly unrelated subjects stimulated your curiosity.

No specific predictions, just pure curiosity.
Well i looked at it and thought it woulda told me some new and exciting way how to make money from a website.
I was wrong.... Very Happy

But i do open most threads, some of them i have no idea what will be in them, i like those, its like opening prsents at christmas!
Thought it might be some bizzare internet link or something about the taste of money, but I open most new threads anyway.
"Taste the Money" gave little meaning to what the topic would be about, so it attracted me to find out.

Money does not taste good but the steak you buy wth the money. LOL
meet in rio
I open most new threads.

I also thought that I might be something about the flavour of money or all the dirt which accumulates on paper money and the reason you wouldn't want to taste it... something like that weird statistic about cocaine on x% number of five pound notes in circulation in London.
i thought someone was actually goin to be eating money hahahaha

also i tend to open a few appealing new posts lol! Laughing
just courios lol didnt realy undertand the title tasting the money =/
I'm a mod, I have to make sure this topic doesn't have anything illegal Wink
You thought it was a thread about making money.
I clicked it for two reasons: the title interested me and I was also curious about what the thread was about.
curiosity wins again
Dragon2Storm wrote:
curiosity wins again

You got curious about the same thread twice? Did you forget what was in it?
no just like to see what otheres are posting in it so i had to answer the thred again.

You thought it was a thread about making money.
The juxtaposition of two seemingly unrelated subjects stimulated your curiosity.

Those would be my reasons...
I guess I was just curious. Since the thread title did not really reveal much of the content.

And yeah, as soon as I (and most I guess) see the word cash, money or $ we are drawn to it like flies to a lamp Razz

oh, I thaught it should be painfull....... because it can do lots of better things than to be eaten...
i've been opening new threads. And im also interested in making money. Everyone needs money...
Actually I though you where going to rub your wealth on us, I mean taste the money must be someone talking about their success story and trying to inspire others.
You open all new threads.
Curiosity, coupled with the fact that I was going to take a look at all the new threads anyway.
"I don't apriciate your rouse! Your cunning attempt to trick me." -- Randall (clerks)

Oh the unimaginable terror of having to take an objective perspective on one's self... Hmmm, why did I click this weird topic, and why did I read it? Why am I posting a reply?

Why I discovered it: It's relatively close to the top of the forums, so in reality there is very little to read in order to come to the title of this tread.
Credit must also be given to the forums placing an icon next to this topic which, at the time, designated that I had not read it.

Why I opened it: The taste of money as a topic appealed to my true purpose of being online at this time, and that is to despirately find something other than google adsense as a solution for advertizing on my website. Hence me feeling like I got tricked into reading this topic. I had purpose before this booby-trap of a topic attacked my attention span, and laid waste to my consintration and drive to find what I was looking for. Now, broken and alone, I reply to this post. ;-p

Why I am posting: Procrastination, or delaying the enevitable time I must spend in order to upgrade my website ( Hey, it's my day off, so cut me some slack. ... in the words of Rick James: "I do what I want! I'll come over to your house and put my feet on your couch!"

Why I am leaving now... First: Nothing more to say. Second: I've said enough. Third: Leaving room for others to post. Fourth: I'm on my way over to the house of the person who started this topic to put my feet on their couch. ;-p

<Exit Stage Left>
Cause i want to learn the news...especially when they have money included... Razz
I originally though that it would be a story about a new way that they use in order to get peoples money, like the pyramid, of senting money through paypal and get your e-mail adress listed...
now im confused .... Confused lol

taste of money is of different
what question r u asking
is it physical taste or of unusal its side effects
some do corrupted and illegal things to earn money
in this sense this taste of money is too bad this can take u in danger
It's a good hints to earn points for hosting site?

or it's just for tasting real money? I'm confused after reading the whole comments.
I came here because I thought we were going to talk about Tasting money, and the different tastes of all different countries notes and coins.
a new method to open a topic like this...

you make a title on a something and ask ,, why you open this thread, what's attracte you to open it ..?

nice to know the opinions in a different way...
specially it's about mony ,, you will know what's go on inside us when
reading this title ...

Anyway .. i just open it to see replies and to post also my own reply ..
Just to discuss the topic ...

but also to get a points Wink

A combination of the points mentioned above.

Because I open new threads, and am very curious about making money, and curious about this strange title, I opened this thread. Very Happy

And I also have William Shatner's "SHAT-tastic!" TV game show theme song stuck in my head. [The title of his show is "Show Me the Money", for those who don't have it in their countries. So it's like "Show Me the Money"="Taste the Money" Laughing ]
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