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Your fav alien film

Your fav alien film?
 37%  [ 3 ]
 62%  [ 5 ]
Alien 3
 0%  [ 0 ]
Alien: Resurrection
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 8

Whats you fav out of the lot?, I have the quadrilogy dvd box set but my fav is definatly aliens(2).
Thats my fav too. It just feels the best out of them all. And bill paxton's comical speeches of impending doom make me laugh to this day. Sigourney is a real tough babe in that flick too. Oh how I wish aliens vs predator had been similiar to this.....
Alien was a good film, my favourite is Aliens though - it is a more polished film.
The first and the second.
Third is a little weird (bad thing), but I like its cinematography very much, with warm tones and light shadows (what is not present on suspense or sci-fi films as it is on that film).

The fourth I think is stupid and disgusting (my opinion, of course).
It's really hard to decide between the first three, 'cause there's certain aspects of each that I like over the other two. The first one had some really good scenes that felt more dramatic than in the other two. And I liked how Ripley was played a bit better in the first movie, too. In the 2nd it definately wouldn't have worked at all had there just been the one alien and the style of the series felt a huge change with that one little change. Characters weren't bad but something still feels a little off about certain characters. Like Hudson... and Newt, hehe (thinks back to her infamous little line). 3rd movie I thought could have been great but yet there were some things that just never quite delivered. I definately prefer the original version of this movie over the special edition, because there were some things that were changed that I just really didn't care for at all (like how the alien was born... replaced the dog with a dead cow?!), plus there were so many F-bombs being dropped it was beyond laughable that I just tune out the dialogue entirely at times. But I did like that there were no weapons so there was the sense of helplessness from the inmates and Ripley.

As for #4... I'd rather not talk about it Razz
Captain Fertile
I had to go with Aliens because it was kind of like the Terminator meets Alien. It was Alien with big guns and space marines.

Of course the first one was original and ahead of its time but the second one was just plain old fun to watch.

I notice you did not put Alien v Predator as a choice in the poll - I owuld have picked that if you had. I thought it had the pedigree to be rubbish but it was pretty darn good.
I still can not not watch any of those. But these days as I watched Alien X Predator, went in search of others. And I could buy the "Alien 3" and "Alien: Resurrection."
I liked the first Alien. I thought all that theme about commercializing aliens was thought provoking.
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