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All Java-Based Apps Are Unstable

the zephyrus
Anything Java based running on my computer seems to have a tendency to suddenly quit without any notice. I can be in the middle of a game of Wyvern or trying to edit code in Jext, and suddenly, the window just disappears. No process is left. I saw one time in an error log for something that a thread had died or something or another. Other than that I don't know. I have a normal JRE + JDK installation. But there are days when I can barely do anything because a Java based app will quit every few minutes.

Oh, and as an edit,
I use WinXP Home. Slightly behind on the Windows Updates, but nothing big. There's a ton of stuff running, but most of it should be inconsequential. I've already tried CTRL-ALT-DEL-ing almost everything. No luck. I have multiple versions of Java up to the most recent installed.
Does your computer suffer with any other problems? Does it crash, or give errors anywhere else?
the zephyrus
SoftStag wrote:
Does your computer suffer with any other problems? Does it crash, or give errors anywhere else?
Not more than what you'd normally expect from Windows XP. It's not particularly unstable if that's what you mean. I have installed some junk on it before, and there was this one instance with the really bad spyware infestation, but that's gone now.
yes, i agree and also to JAVA's disgrace, it sucking programming language, with use i suppose to enhance net browser's experience, try open source azureus for example , it starts with abt 20 mb, then finally, after running for a few hours you are thrashing your RAM when it shoots up to 125 mb, thanks to java's multi threading, autmomatic allocation. java sux for exe programs
the zephyrus
You didn't read, did you?
Shame, shame on you.
Java in general is IMHO a great language, just my current computer is having unexplainable issues with it.
I think your jdk and jre is innormal. You'd better remove and then reinstall the jdk. The import is the jdk's version.
you may need to reinstall your java virtual machine.
Java is good. and people are not making good use of it. developers create buggy softwares which have really bad user interface and so many problems tht irritates the user.
Java rocks but people should be careful while using the library.
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