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Pacquiao vs Morales III

whos your bet?

What if Pacman gets hit with one lucky, solid and right on the button punch? Can his conditioning carry him through or would it be lights out? Does Morales possess that kind of punch now?

We all know how fast Manny is, and so such occurence has a very low probability. But again the question is raised, what if Pacman is hit by a "torrecampo" punch?

action will be on November 19 (philippines) 18(US),2006
Manny is one tuff little guy.
I think that no 1 punch is going to put him down.
Both of these guys have been declining in skills the past few years.
It should be a great fight.
I have not heard where they are going to fight
but, Manny should be able to take a decision.
Did anyone see Bobby Pacquiao fight Vasquese and get disqualified for low blows?
I love MANNY! Filipinos we be rooting for him Smile Hope he wins.
jwellsy wrote:
Did anyone see Bobby Pacquiao fight Vasquese and get disqualified for low blows?

Yeah! I saw the fight its awful he really got some low blows. Bobby Pacquiao must change his style of play to continue his brothers awesome carreer right now.
I love to watch Manny fight. He is a class act.
That was the first and hopefully last time I see Bobby fight.
That knockdown in the second round was a headbutt that wasn't called.
I really dislike Bobby now.
He seems to be the total opposite of Manny.
Pacquiao just destroyed El Terible. Who's next in line?
THE11thROCK™ wrote:
Pacquiao just destroyed El Terible. Who's next in line?

Based on my source and on the news I think Manny is not worrying who's next. I think he is excited to come back to the Philippines to see his first born baby Girl thats why future bouts was not on his head right now. But coming from the statements of Freddy Roach Manny's Trainer maybe they are aiming to have Marco Antonio Barrera as he got all of the belts and Freddie Roach wants it... So as of now there are possibilities that Barrera might be the next.
bwahaha! i was really disappointed with that last match of Pacquiao and Morales. My dad paid a ridiculuos amount to watch it live but then it only lasted 3 rounds! what a waste. Rolling Eyes
maybe you and your dad bet on morales thats why it a waste but for me. I had a lot of fun when I saw morales knock down to hell by manny. Long live Filipinos and Philippines.!!!!
maybe you and your dad bit on morales

lol! im pretty sure we didnt "bit" anyone during their fight. Laughing
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