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How can i get a webspace here..

5 posts, then you can ask for it.
whats the actual point of their forum post system?
Acuity wrote:
whats the actual point of their forum post system?

The total of points is determined not by value, but the actual amount of charactors used, of a given post. For hosting however you need 5 QUALITY posts, that is determined by the Account Creation Staff and is subject to thier own expertise in the matter.

Just creating a bunch of meaningless posts to gather points will get you no where. Each application is taken individually and it's approval, or denial, is based on the content and quality of the posts...not the actual length, of the posts.
Acuity wrote:
whats the actual point of their forum post system?

If what you're refering to is why frihost is built like it is I can only throw you a bone of
philosophical thoughts.
* It creates a get-togeather of resources. Sort of like a living knowledge-database.
* There is an economical gain when you get exposed for commercials. To put them in
a forum rather then linked to your free webspace rises the value of the service with
free webspace. I, for one, often hesitate to use web-pages located at a host that demand
you expose your visitors for unwelcome commercials. Still, nothing is free, so it's a necessity.
In this case it's you who are the source for exposiour, and you've choosen it, if you get my point? Wink
* It ensures the users to keep active. If you don't post you don't get the service. Hence
you can't lay back after you've put up a static home-page. Sure, you can leave it be,
if that's what you want, but you can't ignore it. Great, for how many abandoned pages are
there out there...?

Well, these are just a few to pick from, and they are my personal oppinions.
Still, I don't know if that's what you where after with you're question, or if Vrythramax
gave you enough of an answer. Anyhow, I for one gladly take the oppertunity
to promote the system, since I see numerous advantages with it. Hope you can share
some of them and be a part of this evolution. Cool
Yeah, well i think the last 2 just summed it up nicely.
So yeah, post some good quality ones and you'll be fine.
so far im still waiting for my request to go thru but it only took me 6 posts... bad grammer lol.
Forgive my spam.....I'm just Max. Very Happy
i just wish more ppl where willing to talk even tho ive maxed.
Dragon2Storm wrote:
i just wish more ppl where willing to talk even tho ive maxed.

It's "people"....and far as I know I'm Max, and you have not "maxed" me. Razz
im not geting any more points so ive maxed for the the day and ppl is a internet slang.
Internet slang is the same as "l33t"...and not allowed.....and I think I have to find a new nick. Sad
I33T and what do you meen by nick or are you trying to say NIC as in a network NIC
My nickname....and do I have to close this topic for spam? Now you know why you "maxed" out.
Spam??? im haveing a discution with you how is that spam... also its points maxed out not posts. and if you do spam it ill take this to the admins as a vendeta against my profile and myself.

Complain away...and I may be the one handling your hosting request. And I'm not going to lock a topic over one idiot.

Case Closed.
and please if i may ask. what is your yes your definition of SPAM
Dragon2Storm wrote:
and please if i may ask. what is your yes your definition of SPAM

Short meaningless posts that do not not add to the content of the original topic.....much like this one.

If you wish to "chat" with me find me on YIM.
my goodness i guse the way to say this is the best way to get a web page is not to have bad discutions with evil moderators :ha no spam =P:
Some people. Rolling Eyes
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