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May-December Affairs

What do you think of
(a) old guys dating young women; and
(b) old women going with younger men

Do you know of any relationship of the kind above that has lasted? If not, why do you think did it not last?

Would you enter into that kind of affair?
Usually young men don't go out with older women.

Younger women sometimes go out with much older men - usually for money.

Please note I said USUALLY. And by 'much older' I mean a 20 year old girl with a 70 year old man.
Well from the time i have been old enough to date i have been dating men 10 years older than me, (say, i started dating at 17). My most recent beau? is that a good word? was 18 years older than my 42 years. I have liked older men because they do not play as many games as young men might.. actually, the only man who cheated on me that i know of (well there were 2, but the 2nds' circumstances are completely different) was actually my very same age. And yes, these men did own their own homes.
But I have decided that I have made particularly poor choices in my relationships, and I think that I have much soul searching to do before I hook up with the next.
Also, men seem to become less functional sexually as they age, where I haven't seen any kind of this loss of ability in me.
In our part of the world, old men going with younger women is tolerated. But old women going with younger men are frowned upon, and that is precisely why we see just a few of these and that only in gossip tabloids.
there's a new term for older women dating younger guys.. Cougars.. meaning, women who are on the prowl and have a slight predatory nature.. aggressive is probably a better word for it.. an example would be Demi Moore with Ashton Kutcher.. from the cultural viewpoint, it's not a big deal if the two people have a similar lifestyle and the age difference isn't too great.. I personally have dated women 10 years my senior without anyone batting an eye.. but those women were all 'young at heart'.. which is different than being immature, btw

older men dating younger women has been a more common occurence for ages.. again, no big deal if the two have similar lifestyles and the ages are within 10-15 years.. but if the girl is in her 20s and the guy is in his late 40s or more, the term "sugar daddy" is applied

if you're in a relationship like that, or expect to be in one, that's your own business.. if you're happy, who cares what other people think
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