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Find secret UK millitary bases using free websites + google


This is quite interesting, and mods - It is legal, apparantly, its sommat to do with the freedom of information act, and that the Government don't mind too much. Shocked

Anyway, the layout is really dull, but the content is interesting, apparantly there is a secret base between junctions 17 and 18 on the M1 Very Happy

God I love this freedom of information act Very Happy
Ha, maybe these are public-secret bases... I doubt the UK military would allow anything important to be disclosed even if some act allows it... it generally changes with important things such as the military (see Data Protection Act, you can't get some records held on you by the army etc).
I would think that the UK militery would encourage things like this, since someone posting that they've found a secret base is better than someone finding a secret base and not telling the UK that they've found it.
I dont think ur freedom of information act, can get u all these info's. We have a Right to Info act, here in India, but you cant get info's related to national security, integrity, defence and blah blah that will affect the country in a bad way.

Anyway's one can find stuff on Google Earth, but I am sure the army guys must have already got them blacked out, as is the case with the Indian Govt. getting sensetive stuff blacked out Razz
judo you know which Google earth they are using is it the free or pay one
BTW nice but how did you find it google secret bases ;P
lordeverkillx50 wrote:
judo you know which Google earth they are using is it the free or pay one
BTW nice but how did you find it google secret bases ;P

Intergrated into the site if you mean the previews, but the free versions and paid for versions are no different image wise it's just that the pro version has more advanced features. The free versions are Google Earth and Google Earth Plus.
i have a feed from Pocket link on my mobile.

They reviewed it.

They're very good at tech reviews.

@babumuchhala + Josso, your proably reight that if they were things like missile bases / silos, they probably wouldn't show it.

But its still interesting. Very Happy
If it is that secret, and someone found out where it is, then the UK didn't do a good job hiding it. Its better that someone told/showed them, that their "secret" bases can be found, otherwise, they won't be able the improve the "secreteness" of future bases.
if you go on that site, then they supposedly know about it.Surprised

something to do with the freedom of information act
Military data is not covered under right to information act... if such information comes out definitely the military's not goin to leave it in public for so long....
well maybe these are the bases that aren't very well known, but aren't under threat if someone knows about them.

Also, if the uk wanted to hide a millitary base properly, im guessing they'd put it underground, or delete the site.

It is entertaining to look at some of the 'public' ones though.
If they were underground, then the FoI act would still outline their location. I would think that the entrances to a "secret" underground bunker/base were more interesting than to an above ground one.
here in America, if the base secret, they might just have to remove you from the general population to protect it. or they might go for the permanent solution...

don't believe the US government would do that? then how come nobody knows where any of the secret bases are... nobody alive, that is... Twisted Evil
It won't be a secret base anymore if everyone can find out where it is
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