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Sexist Urinals Auctioned for over 7k

VIENNA, Austria - Four urinals shaped like a woman's mouth have been auctioned online for a total of more than $7,070, Austrian media reported Sunday.

The urinals, formerly located in a public toilet near Vienna's national opera, feature thick, lipsticked lips, a set of teeth and a bright red tongue. Last month, politicians demanded their removal, calling them sexist and inappropriate.

In an online auction on eBay, the used urinals went to two bidders for a total of $7,180, the Austria Press Agency reported. The identities of the new owners have not been disclosed but APA reported that all four urinals will stay in Austria.

Gerhard Neuhold, owner of the toilet's operator, said he was satisfied with the auction but that the result was at the low end of what he had expected.

-associated press

Haha. That's great. They really should have gone for more in my opinion. I am female and I see nothing wrong with the urinals. It's funny! I'm not feminist (obviously) and I'm not repressed. But come on, get over it. It's a freakin urinal.
I find many feminists go far too overboard with things. I find many expect to be treated better than men, not equal.
But yeah, the urinals - what about gay men that came into the bathroom? Maybe there are men with such nice lips as well Wink Most men like a set of lips in that area - no one said they had to be female Smile

If I could have, I would have bought one.
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