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design/layout ?

Skyline GTR 1388
Yea, I like to create my own layouts. I always make it in Photoshop and then code it in dreamweaver. My layouts are nothing special but I like them.
Boles Roor
I did, yes Smile
I always slice it up in Photoshop and then recode it in Notepad or gedit(Linux).
Dreamweaver and most other things are to bulky and hog your RAM and all. Photoshop does too, but I'm in love with it :p
my website is in mambo,

its a little dificult to make templates for it, because u have to put PHP, CSS and HTML on it, then i take a base template and modify it Cool
I designed my own too. I just use frontpage for a start. Then revamp everything in the HTML code. I use Photoshop CS for images and backgrounds. Then I combine some javascripts and HTML plug-ins for additions. In the end, the site doesn't look it was made first in frontpage. Very Happy
I dont think I've ever had a website where I didnt make the layout myself, and I've been going at this since I was 12 or so (I'm now 18 ). I've also never changed the program I use to make layouts Very Happy Dreamweaver 2.0, they don't make anything like it anymore, I love how simple, yet helpful, it is. I'm now using photoshop 6.0 for graphics.
I made my own lay-out although so far my achievements include just one site and the layout on it isn't anything special, I just make great use of the css box-model and give it my own funky colours Very Happy Maybe I will one day aspire to something more advanced.
I have done mine on myself. I need to make it better and more futuristic Wink Now it is only to show how bad IE is and have CSS that IE doeasn't support. I need to make it so that it looks same in every browser ...
always.. i make my layouts and i make others Razz
i make them my self 2 whit photoshop and frontpage.
of course, i hate coping from others
but someone did
I make most of my own sites, using photoshop+notepad.
used to make it that way e.g.

but now I'm using Mambo, so it's definitely easier now.
RaFaMp wrote:
my website is in mambo,

its a little dificult to make templates for it, because u have to put PHP, CSS and HTML on it, then i take a base template and modify it Cool

i'm creating new templates, or redesinging old ones and it's not so difficult, just need alittle bit accuraccy to make things look nice Smile

also I'm creating web layouts, my favorite is my own webpage at . Look at it Smile it's nice.

p.s. if i'll get host, i'll createsome Mambo CMS webs and you'll see that i'm saying only the TRUTH !
Yeppers~ I do my layouts/designs myself. I used to use premade ones, but that was about... 2 years ago when I had no experience what-so-ever... xD

I use Photoshop CS to make the design and then use notepad to code it. Argg... Sometimes it's a pain to try to get the layout to work in all the different kinds of browsers...
cutehtml editor+photoshop

images i do use others' also.
I ONLY use my own layouts. I have to because I want to make a business out of what i'm doing. Sometimes i'll use royalty free stock immages, with permission ofcourse. Smile But here is a screen shot of what i'm working on and HOPE to get hosted soon!!

I make my own layouts.. or atleast try to Confused Currently I dont think I'm gonna do anythign special. But hey, it's worth the experience. I use HTML-Kit and Photoshop CS. Seriously, Photoshop is truly the best program for me Very Happy
I liked to do it all bymyself.I used to use nuke platinum,but as soon as i discovered the sescrets of dreamweaver and photoshop,i cant' stop making my own.The best thing about it is you can make it like you want,Negative effects are lot if time,and you may have to make over 4 verions befor the final.I would never buy any templates for cash,it is just waste of time for me.Of course if i would not know how to make a good layout,i would just buy them to save lot of headache.

Ps.Your layour looks very unique and nice.
Do you have a website where I can learn to make website + coding them? I tried several from, none of them are noobie-friendly lol. I need something that focuses on designs. Such as Table designs, I need a step-by-step from the very begining. Also, if you have some interesting websites that you'd generously share, I'd appriciate it if you send me some.
(You can PM me too if you want)
yep i do my own layout/design,i use photoshop7.01 to make my design & fanarts & i use dreamweaver & also the notepad to code it
today i'm exploring MAMBO, so i use already created templates, but I editalmost everything, so I can say i have done it all by myself, just use old templates for help Very Happy
I have recently created my own layout, if anyone's interested, I'll post it Confused
post it!
Here is the layout i recently designed. Its not done, but i'm still not too sure if i like it yet. I think the photoshop work is good, but i think the iframe window might be a bit too small for what i'm trying to achieve. Smile
iframe is a little bit too high, and welcome doubles..
thats strange, everything looks perfectly in place on my browser... are you using IE?
skyroja wrote:
post it!

lol, hold on.. I'll post it soon.. might as well make the whole website THEN post it.
I used to code things myself, and then use Frontpage to tweak them out (its gold if you use it like this)
but we had to delete everything from our computer for virus reasons, and my frontpage went with it.
Crying or Very sad
it was sad, but also an opportunity for me to expand my html skills. Very Happy
and now I'm learing xml and java. and it rocks. Very Happy
frontpage sucks..
I make my own layouts, I don't use Photoshop for layouts though, I don't really see the point. I just use Css, HTML, and JavaScript. I do use Photoshop for graphics, but not the WHOLE layout. Smile
I design my layouts on Photoshop and then use a text editor to type in the code. Used to use Notepad, but I found using proper HTML text editors to help quite a bit in finding errors in the code.

I do a bit of PHP too.
i make most of my own templates, i dnt have any uploaded except this 1 here which if pretty basic.
I designed my website layout using Frontpage. Much better to edit the template when you can see the tables and everything instead of coding manually.
Yeah, I only do my own layouts for my sites. I use mostly dreamweaver, or something like notepad to do my scripting and photoshop to do my graphics. I also use flash.
Its always a good thing to have a flash in your pages to make it look more interesting. Smile But it can drain your bandwidth much faster than having plain HTML pages.
I use Photoshop, and Dreamweaver as well. I'm setting up a quick portfolio website as I'm a graphic designer, mainly just to apply for new contracts.
frozenecko wrote:
I ONLY use my own layouts. I have to because I want to make a business out of what i'm doing. Sometimes i'll use royalty free stock immages, with permission ofcourse. Smile But here is a screen shot of what i'm working on and HOPE to get hosted soon!!

WOW. You produced its page using which program? Its layout really very in was produced. Congratulations. What you it used in it? PHP ASP HTML, what?
Yup, taking a template someone else made isn't my style. Even though it's not the greatest, I'm still proud of it because of all the blood, sweat and tears I've put into my site. Very Happy

I make my own layouts Wink But they are really poor...
I use Photoshop CS then I code it with Notepad or sometimes with dreamweaver...

Or I make it in photoshop then I import it in flash to make a flash template. Exclamation
I'm proud to say i have designed my web site myself and when I add the forum it'll be posted, very soon, under "Advertise Your Website". It's not the best site I've seen but it's mine and original.
I make my own templates but I'm not really good at html coding so I make the template in Adobe Photoshop and edit it once its finished in Macromedia Fireworks where I just slice it up and put some hotspots in it. Not sure if its a very good way to do it but pretty much the only way I know how. Rolling Eyes
i try to make my own layouts...but they always look like crap and i get bored wit them so i make a new one
I always do my own layout myself. The it comes so that I want. But sometimes it is difficult to have ideas to make layout Sad To make for others is easier than to make for me Confused But maybe some day I will get inspiration to make my pages looking much better Very Happy

Meanwhile I just have to make my pages technically better Laughing
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