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Installing a SMF based forum

This Tutorial wiill help you in opening a forum based on the SMF.

first get a free hosting or a paid one if u can afford Wink

free hosting doesn mean u can use your Y! geocities account cos u need php with MySql 3.x minimum that is the server should support it Smile i

these are some examples Smile

now get the latest version of SMF ( )

now unzip the downloaded package keeping the structure da same.
say C:SMF

now open an ftp client like smartftp or WS_FTP or Cute Ftp

Connect to your host using the ftp details u have. now upload the unzipped files making sure the structure is not changed.

example public_html/smf

now open a web browser and go to (or the directory name u chose)

now the page will open asking for your ftp details as u r using an ftp to upload this will automatically change the required permissions for the files.

If you want to do it manually do this

simply connect to your server with a piece of ftp software and change the permissions on the following files and directories to 777. On most client software this is achieved by right clicking on the files you wish to change and typing in the number.

The following files need to be CHMOD'ed to 777.


Now after all these are done key in the info required.

Forum Name: This will be the name of your forum. It starts as "My Community" but you should probably change it.
Forum URL: This is the url your forum will be located at, the SMF installer should have worked this out for itself so in most cases you can leave this setting at its default value.
MySQL server name: This is where we specify the server that the MySQL database resides on. 99% of the time this will be localhost.
MySQL username: This is the username for your MySQL database, often you will have to set this up in your web hosts control panel, if in doubt, consult your host.
MySQL password: This is the password for your MySQL database, often you will have to set this up in your webhosts control panel, if in doubt, consult your host.
MySQL Database name: This is the name of your MySQL database, often you will have to set this up in your webhosts control panel, if in doubt, consult your host.
MySQL Database prefix: This is a prefixed to the table names in your database, it enables you to run more than one application on a single MySQL database, you should generally leave it as smf_, unless you are installing a second copy of SMF on the same database.

Once you have filled in all of the settings, click on proceed, you should see a lot of information and the word successful on each line scroll to the bottom of the page and click proceed again.
now you will be asked to create an admin account and u do so,

now that everything is installed make sure u delete install.php file

Installing Mods and themes.


Under the admin panel in the right side you will find a option called package manager use this to upload the zip files from your computer or browse the mods available in the SMF home site. Then follow the onscreen instructions

Themes :

Under the admin panel in the right side you have theme and layout settings there select the theme you want to upload makle sure this theme is in .zip format and upload the theme from your computer the theme will get extracted and installed now under choose the default theme select the installed theme and set it default Smile

or you could just get an account here and install smf with fantastico in cpanel (click of a button)........
yes u can do that thro the cpanel fantastico.. but then this guide is for ppl who dont have fantastico... or to people who like to try out on their own..
hellgod wrote:
get a free hosting
. i

these are some examples Smile

what is it that FRIhost lacks, to be not listed up there ? Crying or Very sad
bcos i wrote this article long back..
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