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2-D & 3-D Anime & Animation

Please recommend anime and animation software for the amateur. I am not very good at 3-D modeling, wire frames, shading, skins and the like, but enjoy playing with simple models for the purpose of developing short animations. Maya, 3ds max, Lightwave, Alias Motion Builder, Shade, etc, are way over my head and have an incredibly steep learning curve.

On the other hand, Animation Master, Manga studio and Poser are a little more approachable. It would be nice if there were an application that came with sets, backgrounds and simple forms for modification in which the source and target direction could be specified and the algorithm would then move your character’s extremities without thousands of frame edits. If the anime and animation folks in this forum knows of any products (e.g., Animation for Dummies”), please let me know.

I hope this is the best place to post this inquiry. I checked under “software” forums, but nothing specifically about animation applications. Please redirect, if I’ve overlooked the correct forum. Thanks.
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