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Andrews site "contains webcomics, animated movies, clan

Hey people my site has finaly got to a good stage i have a downloads page where you get to dowlnload maps that i have made for half-life 1 and 2 and yes i am quite a profesional mapper i have been doing it for a long time i must recomend the latest map versions of hotelgibster its a brilliant death match, also on my site there is great free software made by me and yes there are usefull programs and lots more coming out, and there is also my webcomic whihc has taken a big hit and is fairly popular and then theres my movie page which is full of movies various people have made.
you dont have to leave a comment but it would be very nice and thoughtful if you did so if you happen to have some time please leave a comment also dont forget to chack out my webcomic and movies iv made there all good the webcomic is the best iv made it on gmod an edited it with photoshop.
As far as content goes, you're solid. Your design/code could use some improvement.

-You used Microsoft Frontpage, which added its own set of tags (noncompliant/deprecated tags, according to w3c standards) so that while it looks decent on IE, the page looks really really cruddy on Firefox and Opera. The page looks about three times longer with a bunch of blank space in the middle. The elements are out of order. As for the code... well, unless you know html/css, it's hard to fix. Adobe Dreamweaver might be a better, though more expensive, alternative to Frontpage.

-Try to make all your navigation stay on one page so that your viewer doesn't have to scroll to get to the links. Unless you know your intended audience, it's advised to develop for monitors with resolution size 800 x 600 pixels. Scrolling is bad, unless you're displaying a document. The longer your page is, the less likely your viewers will stay and read it all.

-Have a more consistent theme. Your gray/teal tool bar doesn't really match your blue/cyan scroll bar, which doesn't really match with anything else. A more unique background would also help. If you have a hard time picking out a color scheme that looks good, pick a photograph that you like, take the eyedropper tool on your favorite image editor and only select colors that are on that photograph. If it works in nature, it's gotta look good. Wink
hi thanx for your advice in december im relaunching the site in dreamweaver its going to have the same content but a whole new better look. iv already started making page headings on photoshop so im hoping to have a new design by january
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