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Is a site like this could be popular?

Is a site like this could be popular?
I'm making a site. This site is like a journal. This is the site's forcous:
PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML, tools, web service...
and these will be site's content:
Abstracts of articles(I personally read them and write an abstract)
Review of books
Recommand scripts
New Find in the web
Impressive scripts
Sometimes.. a Joke is the contents I will put on the new site(still need to make more plugins)

just want to know.. if it won't be popular.. can you please tell why it is not..
So far in its content, i think this site may get popular. I'm no pro in all these, but i was amazed by the image turning into html. That was nice
I think your site can get popular very fast, but the it will fail as fast if the content is not appealing to the other people.

Just for sharing the knowledge and may be some improvement that you can think on your idea:

Mozilla Firefox (and I think Internet Explorer too) can have a plugin from This plugin helps you clip, some article/text from any website, what you find is appealing and thus make it available for you and the world. This gets very popular because people tend to get precise information.

Similarly you have on which you can share your favorite bookmarks.
thx guys.
I never knew I can got such a great collection of knowledge until days ago I posted some of mine findings(collection of cool javascript things and some not widely known but pretty useful PHP scripts.. like dbug class). and i was amazed how many people find it useful.
So I think I could just make a site that show the cool findings and abstracts(yes.. I wrote abstracts myself... those abstracts looks suck.... but I will improve in writing them)..
Anyway.. I will try to get at least 3 post per day so there is always great content.
Book reviews will be coming soon...
also.. ads... need ads support me to buy more books for more book reviews.. Smile
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