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FD3 (Final Destination 3)

Does anyone else love FD3? I love that movie. Not only because Alexz Johnson is in it... It's because it's just such a great movie. In fact all the FD movies are great. Except FD2, which had adults in it. FD and FD3 are known as "Killed Teen Movies", becase it has teens, and the die. They have great plot lines and more.

A Girl has a vision that a rollercoaster is going to crash. She safely gets off with others... Death is not happy, so it returns for them.

That's all I will say go buy it to see what happens

Hello Good day,

YEah, Final destination 3 is a good movie,
it's a movie full of suspense
and Excitement.

Sad to say, most of the characters died in the end.
But it's a good story though.

Thank you
to me, a stupid movie.. storyline sucks.. ad the gross factor is too much.. too surreal..
Like so many other movies gone bad i would have to say fd3 has joined those ranks...i mean fd1 was cool had a not so outrages gross out factor and the storyline was new at the time which made it stand out and was fresh but then part 2 came along with yet again more ppl trying to escape death and the same old blah blah just with more intense and gross death scenes which arent like that great to watch..i mean come on sitting there for 2 hours or so watching ppl die does get kind of lame most of the scariest movies ever made only ever had no more then 1 or 2 ppl die in the whole film like the shining and omen the end fd3 is yet again another killing fest kind of movie not that some people may have different point of views which they are free to express but this movie not joining my fav movie collection Smile
Wash, rinse, repeat... this movie had nothing original, just a repeat of the original... but they managed to take out all the good stuff (which wasn't much to begin with).

For some reason this ended up on my netflix list, I think my wife added it but she wouldn't admit to it. Since it was in my house I felt I may as well watch it but I should have went with what my gut told me... stuff that thing back in the envelope and get it out of here! It would have allowed me to do somthing better with an hour and 45 minutes of my life.
I rate this movie on one thing alone, and it is not anything but the special effects, the way they put this movie together, it is very tight and fast moving with believable effects, the storyline maybe unoriginal, but so what it is a good movie for a bit of time out from the world we live in.
I love this movie..hehehe.. I don't know, probably because I like to watch violent and bloody movies. But it has a great story!.. and I really can't stop singing the song, "There is someone, looking behind you..turn around, walk away." Twisted Evil
Captain Fertile
I love all the final destination movies because it is the same formula time and again and I like the formula.

The set-pieces are put together well, you try to guess how the victim is going to die, you know you are being led up a blind ally with the build up but still you try and guess how the deed will be done.

Lots of fun, especially with little psychic glimpses to give a hint of what will happen.

No thinking involved if you don’t want to – just sit back and have a scream for 90 or so minutes.

As far as I am concerned they could make a bunch of these movies and as long as the script and thought was put into the methods of death I would watch. Of course the problem being, it would be quite short-lived until, in a bid to stay fresh (like so many soap operas, the plots and methods of death became a caricature of itself and become to ridiculous even for we horror fans.
Yeah I think these films are very good. FD2 is the best in my opinion. The deaths in it are superb Wink The opening sequence on the highway is awesome
I haven't really had any desire to see any of the Final Destination Series. Just not my thing.
I liked the second one the best. There was a glitch in it. When they make the connections to the first one, the teacher's connection didn't really make sense, even the directors agreed. And final destination 3 was almost impossible because check this out: *found on*

There are a number of things wrong with the roller coaster scene (besides the obvious impossibility of a crash like this actually occurring): 1) The restraints use ratchets to lock, not hydraulics. A coaster of this type wouldn't even have any hydraulic lines. 2) No roller coaster has restraints that lower by themselves. 3) The attendants didn't check all the restraints. This is ALWAYS necessary, on ANY ride. 4) On any roller coaster, the Dispatch button (or "Start" in the movie) must be held down until the train is clear of the station. This is a safety feature to make sure the attendants are clear of the moving train. If the button is released before the train is clear of the station, it will stop. 5) At the bottom of the lift, the lift chain curves to follow the track into the station. This is impossible, a lift chain cannot curve horizontally, only vertically (normally at the top of the hill).

I envy the person who realized this. Final Destination was pretty good as well.
I thought it was boring. I liked the second one a lot though. I don't know why I thought it was boring. I liked the beginning of the movie but then it got boring in the middle.
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