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Windows Live

Whats up with microsoft?? Are they trying to compete with msn yahoo, and so on?? I was amazed to stumble apon this site when I was looking for help with my computer. This site is pretty amazing, I had to use the windows live safty scanner.

I searched for images of Famke Janssen and it timed out.

Okay now it's working though. Excellent. Very Happy
Microsoft owns msn so I guess they are not competing(lol). Windows live is the next generation of msn messenger. They are just taking away the name but they are one and the same. Live mail has a few new features like the fact that it has 2 gigs of storage (watch out gmail) and a cool interface (with one ad , darn).There is also live one care which is microsofts new antivirus and pc care program. Live is just a bunch of new stuff like betas that goes under one name. Yahoo is a piece of junk (the search and messenger) and it is going down.
dvanex = AGREED.
in my opinion ;
Live mail is better than yahoo beta ,but gmail is better than both

Windows live is a new product from microsoft...
I'm very much enjoying this competition between the MSN network and Google. Who will come out on top? Hard to say, MSN has the resources, but Google is just generally more well liked. When google starts making a messenger program that can add MSN contacts, there's gonna be a world of hurt for MSN.
If it's comparing msn and windows live messengers, then its definitely windows live. You could interact with YIM users on windows live, while on msn you can't
Interesting. I wonder how well it works, does anyone use it and have any comments about it's performance?

windows live is fine in my opinion
Microsoft has the financial muscle to dominate a lot of things, but Google has the genius and it keeps on developing new stuff. MSN is very popular, but so is Google.

The Microsoft fans will stick with everything Microsoft and the Google fans with stick with everything Google.

Who knows, maybe other players will come onto the market in the future and take on both companies. as new technologies are developed and ideas grow, things change, that's one of the beautiies of the web, constant change and new developments. It's nothing to fear but something to embrace.
Windows live is just the new MSN as far as im concerned. Seems to be like competing with googles basic website approach.

Do like windows live local though, very good coverage compared to googles awful images of some areas.
I can say it was a good move for MSN Messenger to tie up with Yahoo Messenger. I am now enjoying using MSN, because most of my friends were using YM, now i can chat with them in a more secure way.
I don't think Microsoft wants to let Yahoo! and such companies take over the market, and they were looking to upgrade the msn services. So along came Windows Live.

I use the Windows Live Mail and it's really good, although it does have its problems (including one quite silly bug: if you loose your internet connection while your mail is open and then click on something which requires the internet then it gives you an error message. That's fine, but to the left of the message it tries to load in a picture... and can't because it's not connected to the internet. That's just a silly thing they didn't think about and it made me laugh). Sorry I rambled a bit there, but it was all relevant. Razz

I don't really use any of the other Windows Live features very often because I don't need to.
Microsoft forever... Tough, i have *bought* Vista Ultimate and it seems that microsoft has something against other anti virusses...
man is a bundle of bullshit. the've tried to pack loads of stuff spiced with eye popping UI using ajax and have overdone it. It looks coool and groovy at first, but gradually as you use it, it gets pretty irritating.

the button-type sctoll bars, the painstakingly long times for the images to load....

god! i could go on.....
Well everybody, get ready for a load of bugs and cheap implementations!! Just kidding. I've checked this out before, but it has not seemed to be too useful to me.
Windows Live is pretty much the same as MSN...except it takes up more memory, lol. I'd rather use Trillan because I can talk to people on AIM and MSN at the same time without running both programs, the only problem is that i can't send files and pictures over trillan.
They are actually late...

Gmail, Adsense, Yahoo ads are already gripping a firm share of the dough.

And they are only starting to rebrand MSN and introducing ads program soon...
Windows live mail is a lot better then msn mail and the messenger is slightly better then msn messenger. I haven't used google mail for to long but I don't like the layout. I like the windows live stuff mainly because it is free and i am a chepo. anyway i like all stuff that Microsoft gives out for free.
aFamous it's right to compete with other rival companies! What do you expect microsoft to do? Sit there and watch yahoo and google get all the money? No! They've got to upgrade crappy msn right? And you're pretty slow, came out many months ago!
believe it or not, but i do not think microsoft is gaining money from the windows live service. (including live mail, live messenger, live blah blah balh.) microsoft is throwing in these services to preserve their customer running to other services. in the internet world, if you lose the customers, you lose the marketing power. the current running services among yahoo, ms, and google are sort of like investment. the income from these services are still tiny comparing to how much they throw in. well, investment is like that, it starts with small, look forward for it to run faster, and one day, it generate the unbeatable profit. once you dominant the market, the money will flow in automatically.
Live sucks in my opinion...

When Live mail first announce, I was like "wow, looks nice". But until I really try it during the beta, I switched back to their "Classic" immediately...even that consists a lot of bugs...even now I am still using the "simplified mode", but still I've gave up on it...

I also moved away from MSN Space after they started "Live"...
My opinion is Microsoft or Windows was a little late trying to be a big internet competetor they waited till Google, Yahoo, and MSN came out before they started working on becoming a internet pointed company. Which hert them if they came in at the beginning like 10 Years ago or so and played a big role in internet development Microsoft could have been in the spot light like Google or MSN. But it waited to long now Microsoft is going to have to do alot of work to compete with Google or MSN or maybe even Yahoo.

Microsoft's internet development approach is probably approaching as good as Yahoo. I think since microsoft has been having a problem reaching the top they tried a new approach adding mail. Now think about it all the major sites have a search engine and mail built in MSN, Yahoo, Google. All of them since microsoft has been failing at getting attention on the internet they stuck in mail it brought them up to Yahoo's level next I expect real see them coming out with a search engine.

Ok Windows Live Messenger I don't believe its much more then the original MSN messenger the only difference I really see is the better graphics.

Thats what I have to say my favourite internet designing company is Google they have a smooth approach to the internet. There site is very simple any page is like less then 100 lines of code. You would almost think there site was designed by one or two people exception of the search. But they were able to make the site look so good but simple. Man I think they have the best designers in the world.

Google almost anything a internet guru would like. Chat, Email, Search, Web Accelerator, Translation, and finaly the almighty Ad Sense. Whats not to love from google except maybe they don't answer support emails but other then that I see nothing wrong with them.


P.S. thats the longest post I have ever written.
Microsoft and Google are on 2 different roads altogether. Google works with free services and tools for the internet, and although Microsoft does a bit of that too, their main purpose is operating systems and software... They're trying to beat each other on 2 race-tracks. Although, I don't feel that Google is trying that hard to beat MS... they seem to be happily trailing along, making a new service here and there, while MS frantically tries to dominate the market once again. Never-the-less, I feel that it's a fight for the title of the universe... that's how big MS depicts it as, anyway.

I like both google and microsoft.
But, google is comming with pretty good software and its search engine is amazing, quick.
I think microsoft is changing its name from msn to live, live mail look good, I have been in its beta mail long time now and they are putting new stuff as it grows, but I think gmail still beats it with its integrated messeger ^^.

Anyway I like both, good and reliable free services. Smile

Wait I though MSN is from microsoft?
no dout google is better than microsoft in term of email n search engine.But some time u will find that window live is better than google search.All msn n hotmail user r automatically member of window live...they dont need to register again.With introduction of window live they have increaced the e-mail storage capacity to 1000 mb.Microsoft says,they will do more with live,lets see whts next.
I really prefer google for searching and mail, although I use Yahoo too.
I get sick of everything being Microsoft, although I guess google are now just as big.
I always think its better to support the smaller people out there..... so to say...
What I love about Microsoft Live is its LOCAL FEATURE. Go to the maps feature, i think its and go to a city like NYC or my hometown of Youngstown, OH... Now you can go by a birds eye view of the town and check out each side of all the buildings.

I LOVE GOOGLE For searching, but Live still needs to find a way to spread the message. I kind of found it by accident, and I think thats the likeliest way people will find it.
Vanilla Crazy
Google's good.

Then MSN



AOL is evil.
tribe wrote:
What I love about Microsoft Live is its LOCAL FEATURE. Go to the maps feature, i think its and go to a city like NYC or my hometown of Youngstown, OH... Now you can go by a birds eye view of the town and check out each side of all the buildings.

I agree with you. Microsoft Virtual Earth is way better than google maps. When you zoom to a certain level, google will say there's no image for that zoom level but microsoft ve has images to closer zoom levels.
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