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Ok... Here's an interesting issue that I have recently encountered. I am typing this post on a computer at the theatre because any site that involves PHP, I can not access from my computer. I did everything I can think of. I took out the router from the chain, flushed DNS, tried 4 different browsers, turned off ALL security software, danced naked in the middle of a Walmart parking lot chanting "Un-gala t'kai niktu." Nothing works. Finally, I saw what was happening. The ISP's DNS server is assigning the wrong IP to the domain name. So, I called the ISP, told them what was going on and they insist it's my computer. Now... wait.. I checked everything under the sun, I can get to the site if I plug in the IP address but not via the domain name, I have verified via tracert that the last hop is at their end.

I am not sure where else to go at this point. Any ideas? Now they're asking me to go to my neighbor's house and do a tracert and ping and copy/paste the info to them to verify that it isn'y my computer. Umm... That's verifiable via the information provided.

Basically, I can't access these forums or the forums I created on invisionfree. I can't access pretty much anything with PHP in the name.

Look at my signature, they will be able to help you. Smile

Tell them that 'Joseph' has sent you.
Your post make no sense... you get an IP from your ISP.. yes... why would they give you a DNS name? you try to host a webserver with a PHP page at home? what is the problem?
If I understand you correctly, when you go to certain web pages, you're not able to get to them, as the names do not resolve to the correct IP address. If its not an insertion in your HOSTS file by some malware you may have picked up, then you might be able to get around your ISP. Why not bypass the ISP and use another DNS service, like OpenDNS. That might work.
So can we have more info please or did you solve the problem already and let us hanging here?
LethcanAernis wrote:
So can we have more info please or did you solve the problem already and let us hanging here?

Sorry. Life got a little busy and I haven't been able to get online for a bit.

I was having a few issues, but I resolved it. basically what happened was when I installed their software, it rewrote my host file and directed pages of stuff to dead Cox IP addresses. Manually cleaned out my host file and >>POOF<< back on. I tested to see if it was their CD by reinstalling the software (basically, I was just trying out the USB connection only because I had never used one and wanted to have the experience... I don't recommend it) and yep. My host file was rewritten again.
That's why it was behaving like a bad DNS... in essence, it was... but locally.

Didn't mean to leave you guys hanging.
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