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Do you think one must be a lawyer, economist or business man (or the likes) to get into politics? Would you trust someone who wouldn't have studied extensively in a related domain (or considered as being related domain)? I'm saying this because politics attract me a lot, but I don't think I'll study in this sector, but rather in sciences (likely chemistry). Do I still have a chance to get a political career later on?
Anyone can be a politician in my opinion. It's just something you've got to try for.
To me, this is a typical German debate. It goes like this:

1. Some politician throws out some vague term or concept designed to appeal to his or her party's base (think "Solidarity" or "Social Justice" or "Locusts of Capitalism" for the Social Democrats, or "Leitkultur" or "Multi-Kulti" for the Christian Democrats. The politician throws it out in public forum, in a somewhat provocative way.
2. Everyone responds, because, for some reason, everyone pays a lot of attention to what politicians say in Germany. The mainstream seems to have agreed that the state, in the form of its politicians, sets the subject and tone of public debate. The very same people, of course, complain about how politicians never say what they mean and always recycle the same poll-tested nonsense. But since they apparently don't have anything more original to contribute, they take their lead from the politicos.

1. Because the phrase used to start the debate is fuzzy and capable of a hundred different interpretations (that's exactly the point, in fact), everyone develops their own individual idea what it might mean. The politician's opponents assign a dark, sinister meaning to the term, and then the supporters attack the opponents for assigning this dark meaning, and then the supporters explain what the real meaning was, and then the opponents take apart this new suggested meaning. And so on, and so on, until everyone gets bored and moves on.
I think anybody can be a politician. Uneducated or educated, what is important is he or she can deliver his or her service well to her constituents. He or she should have the heart of a servant-leader. Who lives by the truth, honesty and true blooded service man.
Anyone can be a politician, but not everyone will be one. Hence free market and competition take effect, and those who can market themselves the best (usually done by the party, PACs etc) get into office, and those people are the people who understand how to get elected because they've studied how others got elected (i.e. political science majors, public policy majors, law degrees, perhaps a few history majors, and those who learned through failure)

Unfortunately this appears to be how the "system" works, if you feel you can learn politics from your chem major, go for it (after all your local church probably has more experience in politics than most mid-western state legislatures do, unless that is church leaders make up the legislatures). So do your cost-benefit analysis and determine whether you value a degree in chemistry over a harder entrance into public politics... that is after you determine how much harder it will be
Well I perfectly know that this is a harsh, harsh job and that one doesn't get to be a good politician simply by snapping his fingers. If I get the chance to enter politics, I'll gladly do it, and try to do my best. History is a domain that triggers a great interest to me, and I already study it outside my regular studies. I'm also trying to get people around me tell what they think about this whole mess of national and provincial politics, just to feel if some people agree or disagree with such or such idea. I'm still quite young...

I also plan on taking a political science certificate while graduating in chemistry, if it may help...
Surely you may involve in politics whatever your job or occupation is. The major question is "why you are in it?". If you want to help in solving some existing political problem, you should join some party where people would support your endeavor. If you just want to play some life role, try to find political option which political activities is closed to yours and be sure you have some decades to spent before you afford anything.
I am from Poland and here too many politician are uneducated.It is poor for me. For this reason i don't interested in politics, couse there are more criminalist and cheater than real politician Mad
netmajor wrote:
I am from Poland and here too many politician are uneducated.It is poor for me. For this reason i don't interested in politics, couse there are more criminalist and cheater than real politician Mad

Yep, same here, in Croatia. There are many business interested groups which had put their men in parties during war. Even worst, there are towns in which some powerful people (got their power through criminal acts) have their politician in every party! Sad
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