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Operating Systems - a few questions

The Mitchell
Right ok im looking at my options for a new OS. Ive been looking around and the new windows vista looks pretty slick but ive heard a lot of bad things about it. I dont particularly mind windows but as we all know it lacks in stability and of course the wonderfully high microsoft prices.

So yeah basically i use my pc for everything. Mainly audio and video production with all the other usual stuff such as office, internet, downloading, dvd and cd copying music tv etc etc.

I have been taking a look into ubuntu which i have heard a lot about but i know nothng about linux and have no idea how compatible it is with software. Bearing in mind id like to be able to run programs such as cubase sx, reason, ableton live etc.

So is it worth me changing from windows or should i stick around and wait for vista?
The first thing you should do is download and burn a live CD. Knoppix is a good start. It boots Linux from the CD - there's no need to install anything. It will check your system, detect all your hardware if you are lucky, so you can see if you have something that is incompatible. (Winmodems will usually not be detected, but there are several ways to make them work.)
Next, check the programs that come with it (REALLY a lot on a single CD!) or check the Internet if there are Linux equivalents of the programs you frequently use. Usually there are. And for free. And if you like what you got, you still have the option of making your computer dual-boot with Window$ and the flavour of Linux of your choice.
Ubuntu is really easy to install. However would agree with what Nyizsa has said and install a live distro. Ubuntu comes in a live distro format i.e. you download a live cd from the ubuntu website, stick it in your cd drive and boot your pc. It should give you a good idea of the look and feel.

Also if you do any development work, a linux OS comes with compilers.

Hope that helps
I haven't had any Windows Xp problems(Especially with stability), but if you are looking for a new OS...for a beginner look to Ubuntu. My firsts were Ubuntu and Fedora Core 4.

Just to note installing things and navigating around is quite different than Xp. Installing graphic drivers is an absolute ****** pain! Although I believe ATI drastically improved there installation somewhat recently. On Windows it's a simple... delete old driver cleaner..install new ones. With Linux it involves completely exiting out of the GUI interface and into the command prompt and typing things in.

If you aren't having any problems with Windows, there is no reason to get up and download linux. If your expericing problems with a specific Windows app, look for a new one. Although if your having a bunch of problems or really bored then yeah go and get Linux it's worth to check out.
{name here}
Well, if you want an environment like windows with stability and speed eComStation may be right up your alley.
The Mitchell
cheers guys ill check a few out. hopefully a new laptop shall be on its way with duo core and decent ram so im tempted to start playing with my desktop. I was contemplating having a look around at the mac osx x86 thing. ive always liked the mac setup and apparently it seems to be working pretty well. may see what happens when i have a spare lyin around.
Since you're giving only two options: Windows and Linux, I guess it's not hard to make a decisions.. You can first try Linux, it's free to use, so no problemo right? My first Linux is Redhat 8.. And if you're into programming I think you will like Linux Smile

And if after you try you cannot used to Linux, you can try Vista, also can try it for free, right? Download and test first before buy!

Gudluck to you!
I think the OS is mainly a question of what software/app you are willing to use after. So, if you will need full compatibility with ms office suite, because all your work stuff is done on that (lets say everyone in your office - including you boss - uses windows and ms office), I'll recommend you to stick with windows.
Most important than anything is to keep connected! And it means not only networking or messaging, but rather "file format compatibility".

Even if you use some "compatible" suite programs, there is always some small things that dont run exactly as it should...

Think also about how many apps you have for the platform you're choosing.
forgive me if this has already been said but may I suggest Ubuntu Linux live. Runs excelent and you dont have to be an expert at all to use it. Heres a link
Linux is the way to go. If you still want windows just set up a dual boot system. It is very easy to do and well worth it. All you have to do is install windows on a partition that leaves free space on your hard drive then run a linux install cd and go through the setup allong the way you will be asked to load grub bootloader and you say yes and select the os boot order. That is it. Next time you boot you can pick the os.
You might want to try out Ubuntu first using an Ubuntu Live CD. The CD can be ordered free from ShipIt, although not the latest version.

If you want functionality from both OS, I suggest you install a dual boot system. However, I don't think you should install Windows Vista alongside with Ubuntu because (I heard) that Windows Vista performs an MFT check each bootup. Windows XP and Ubuntu is a good combination. Firstly, install Windows XP first, then only install Ubuntu, because the Windows XP boot loader does not support loading Linux. After that, install Ubuntu and also install the GRUB boot loader.
i would say go with Vista all the is soon to come out and have so many problems that everyone can predict it. go get it and load it!
If you don't do alot of gaming and are ready to try something new... go for linux all the way... no viruses, just VERY easy to use. Get Ubuntu to start with... JUST like Windows, maybe 10 minutes to install. THEN if you want it like Vista, but EVEN BETTER, get beryl ( ubuntu- or w.e). Beryl gives you a rotating cube with is CRAZY and fancy animations on all your windows (youtube and search beryl).
If you use your PC for work purposes, this is probably much, much better than any Windows. IF you still need windows apps, there are "emulators".
Cheers. and DO TRY LINUX!!!!
If you're going with Linux, recheck the HCL for your distro of choice. Make sure that your hardware is supported.
teko wrote:
Ubuntu is really easy to install. However would agree with what Nyizsa has said and install a live distro. Ubuntu comes in a live distro format i.e. you download a live cd from the ubuntu website, stick it in your cd drive and boot your pc. It should give you a good idea of the look and feel.

Also if you do any development work, a Linux OS comes with compilers.

Hope that helps

Yes, either Ubuntu or Kubuntu are great choices.
The Mac is really good in the audio/video/cd/dvd departments...not to mention security on the Web.
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