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Alexz Johnson and Canadian Music

I am a big fan of Alexz Johnson. I love anything Canadian. So you can tell that I like Canadian Music. It is far better then American music... I hate rap, but with Canadian Rap it's way better. There is emotion in Canadian Music. Their is passion in it. Alexz Johnson's passion is Music, acting is more of a job to her.

My favorite Canadian songs are, 24 Hours, Time to be your 21, Skin, Upside Down, and the Canadian anthem. I love Canadian music... And so should you. I am an aspiring musician. I live in the US and plan to move to Canada when I get a little older. I have been working on layouts for a Alexz Johnson Media website.

This was a little more about Canada then Music... Sorry! Anyways... Get Canadian music NOW! Don't use any pirater... Buy the album in a store, Amazon, etc. NOW!

Thanks for reading this I love you guys!
Even though I'm Canadian myself, I don't even know of that many Canadian music bands/singers. The only ones I can think of are Sum41, Billy Talent and... that's about it. xD

Oh, and I also know of that Melissa O'neil person who won Canadian Idol. (She lives in the same city as me Wink )
I have a little obsession with anything Canadian. I have no idea why, I'm Aussie and have no relations to Canada. Never even been there.

But it has lead to me having a little Canadian accent, which trips people out.

Canadian music I know and like:
Avril Lavigne
Sum 41
Treble Charger
Simple Plan

I also listen to a lot of Australian music, so if you want you can check out these bands:
Her Latest Flame
Avalon Drive
Repeat Offender
The Veronicas

Those are some of the best bands ever.
I LOVE alexz Johnson if i could move to canada and still be able to sing i would LOVE it!!

The show instant star became my favorite and i just love everything about it!! I live in the US to but i would LOVE being in canada and singing!!! i LOVE playing my guitar i LOVE singing and i LOVE the idea of being able to do both while using my OWN music!!

I love her song Im in love with my guitar cause its just SOOOOOOOOOO true with me!!
Alexz Johnson kicks butt, lol.

Thank god for The N, or else I wouldn't get Instant Star! The music and acting on that show is wonderful...I can't wait for Season 3!
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