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What do you want in an online game?

Hey all,

I'm learning PHP and MySQL, and I would like to apply what I've learned by writing an online game. However, I have no idea what would be fun. I know that my brother played a game called Nuke Zone (too lazy to google it; do it yourself), but I don't know the specifics about it and I also know that it got boring for him, so obviously I don't want to emulate that.

So, the question is, what makes online games fun for you? Why do you come back? Do you like the short, mindless games with no storyline, or do you want a long storyline with lots of interaction between players?

Design a game. I'll see if I can build it.

Interactions with other players - that makes people come back.

Mindless repetitive games are good as it makes people come back - something with endless levels of increasing difficulty.

Story lines are hard because once they are finished, they are finished.
I personally look for games that require a bit of strategy. Also, I despise games that require you to send your "secret link" to your friends so they click it and you get more powerful. That concept is good for marketing, but rather stupid for actual gameplay. Plus, if someone finds a creative way of scamming people into clicking their link, they become overly powerful and the game gets pointless because that person just starts killing everyone.

One game that got me hooked for quite awhile was BATracer. I got annoyed once I started doing poorly, though, so I stopped playing it, but I'll likely get back into it when my schedule becomes less hectic. It's one of those games that you can get on once a day and do what you need to, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and get off.

So to summarize, I basically look for a strategy game that doesn't require a lot of time or stupid clicking of a link and that everyone has the potential of doing really well in, no matter how long they've been playing.
I like to online game which can interact with people such as chatting, playing around, buddy system.
A online first person shooter would be the best. I'm trying to make 1 at the moment.
you should be able to interact with other people and have lots of different things.
the worst thing possible about online games is make them to repetitive.
I like random elements in online games. This makes the game interesting. Also, Interact with others players is important!
Well, first things first:

- online 24h interactive chat with other people playing (something like shoutbox but more like instant messenger)

- friends list, foes list and ignore list

- things like cash and money (whatever you call it) to collect ingame

- integrated technical support with possibly Skype numbers and MSN Messenger 24h-online support

- highly interactive with interesting graphics and web layout

- 100% working flawlessly login and register forms

- forum with support and ability to talk

- own mIRC channel

- announcements list

- ability to play together with friend (cooperative) or even friends.
One of my favorite text-based online games is DarkThrone.
The only problem with it is the cheating and the fact that it's still in beta.

In an online game I expect this:

Completed and Functional
Bi-Weekly (or better) updates
No time limitations or delayed updates
Good security
99.99% up-time
Some form of graphics, even if it is still pictures
Interaction with other players

Thats just what I like Smile
something like call of duty 2 would be good, good graphics.
I like first person shooters, but i absolutly HATE games like BF2.
You run around, you kill a guy, think you go good then BAM, some dude a chopper bombs you!
I like FPS's with no vehicles and take skill.
FEAR for example is good with the no vehicles, but its just a big spam fest.
The perfect game is Call Of Duty UO when you play SnD rifles only.
Its isnt too slow and teadious, but obviously with rifle only, its not a spam fest , sorts out the people that have some aiming skill, compared to the people who can hold their mouse button in the longest. Smile
One of the biggest issues with MMORPGs is that they don't require skill to play, they require mind-numbing grinding. I would like to see a game where an extremely skilled high level player could easily dismiss a thousand a low level players, but if those low level players worked together could manage to topple the high level player.
This all depends upon interest.
I think Watch Dog is nice games. Good music and Good graphics.
I like the list votd has brought up here, since it includes the important topics, especially the last one: need to form teams to accomplish particular missions, or need to become member of a guild.
Atlantica, my favorite MMPORG so far ( I wrote a lengthy blog posting about this game here last year ), has all these features mentioned so far, plus more - like the need to craft special weapons or tools to increase efficiency in accomplishing missions.
Since it is a free-to-play game after a while you reach the point where you have to make the decision whether you want to put real money into the game to continue successfully. I didn't pass that point yet Wink .
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