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NEver mind

I would like some one to make me a list of 75 passwords that are easy to remember yet secure.
Remember a good password is:
Easy to remember
Hard for outside people to guess
Have Mix caps
Use symbols to represent letters like $ for S

What ever else you can think of to make a password good.

It needs to be easy to remember Pm me a list you make of passwords and the list that I feel is the best combination of secure yet easy to remember will be used for a project im working on.

Winner gets 50 Frih$

I need them in 2 hours looks like I will have to do it myself.
OK, I'll take this load. Wait some time. I think to complete it till tomorrow.
All right, I will try too, but I am not sure if I can make 75.
Ill give you some.... maybe not 75 though Very Happy

why on earth would you need 75 passwords?? lol Very Happy
I Need ones that are easy to remember. Since you ask I will give you the whole story (alright 5 frih$) The problem with me is I want everything to be secure my idea of a password would be A3sf43WEkEbg (lol I know) And no one can remember that (unless there perfect as me) I am the team leader for a huge project that is inportant so I cant have any un authorized guests if you know what I mean Wink So I need a list of passwords to assign the people that are secure but easy to remember. like Rare-MINT-$now globe.

Except im affraid theres a weekness on the password if I picked one like that still because I collect snow globes. (and dont even try that password on any of my accounts it dosen't work) So if you guys pick the random words and the combination it makes aless of a securety threat.

As for the reason why I need so many its for a school thing And I want to give them the choice between 2 passwords. (and theres like 33 people so arround 70)
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