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Review Needed - New Ipod Shuffle "Clip"

Hi all

Im wanting to buy one of the New Ipod Shuffle "Clips" as i think its ideal for going to the gym with amongst other thinks, but can't seem to find any decent review sites about it.

Cant anyone help?

Or some who as one already could coment on it??

ps. sorry if the post is not in the rite section of the forum.

i heard that those were really flimsy and easy to break, personally, if youre buying a budget mp3 player, i would stay away from apple. Get something from zen or iriver, for about the same cost, with the same memory, with more features.
The new iPod shuffle may be a very good MP3 play, but its tiny. Its so small you may forget your wearing it and you may sit and break it.
jongoldsz wrote:
The new iPod shuffle may be a very good MP3 play, but its tiny. Its so small you may forget your wearing it and you may sit and break it.

But you dont have to keep it in your pocket you could click it anywere on your clothes. Then the chances of breaking it by sitting on it are

Anyways i went head and got the girlfriend to buy me one for my Crimbo so ill soon
Well, Cnet does some good reviews. So, here's their review: Apple iPod Shuffle (second generation)

They gave it a 6.3/10. (Good)

Well, you're already getting it, but if you wanted a budget mp3 player, the Creative Zen would be a better option. If you want something small, I really like the MobiBlu Cube 2. Laughing

Anyhow, I personally am not fond of this, or any other iPod for that matter. If you can live without a screen and no extras, then it's pretty good; though I've seen better mp3 players for a lower price.
Ive as well heard stories about them and that they can easily be cracked.
Though they are supposebly selling very very well and they look really cool!
Goods, The thing is a solid peice of aluminum it isn't going to snap in half. It doesn't have a LCD screen to break, and all your songs come at you at random.

Bad, Small and may forget it if careless. Can't select a certain song.
they are awesome. It's soo cheep price wise, you can't beat that. Plus their soooo small. Design is good, never had any problems. Just don't forget and leave it in your pocket and run it through the wash, a friend did. I think you'll be happy with it, so yea, good luck!
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