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P4 3.0 Ghz vs P4-D-2.6 (Someone please reply, site needed)

I currently have shifted to pakistan, from UAE, where the prices for such parts are damn high. Nyways, it compensates for the cheap prices for softwares that u get.

So, I have by far collected enough money to scrap out a new PC. In my price range, there are two system specs that I might consider.

1) Normal p4 3 ghz, has 1 mb cache
2) New P4 - Dual Core 2.6 ghz 2x1mb cache.

I seriously have no idea what to choose from. I play games alot, use 3D designing softwares (3dmax), intensive windows applications, and ofcourse normal internet applications like the Instant managers and some programming languages.

Keeping the above processes in mind, I need the choice from the two processors i have mentioned above, alongwith a suitable Motherboard suggestion, and some further spec enhancements like RAMs and Graphic Cards.

Anticipating a prompt resopnse.

Warm Regards,
P4's are not that great. They are fast but they do little per clock cycle. A processor like intel's new Conroe or Amd x2/64 can run over a ghz less and be quite faster.

Get either an AMD 64\x2 or a Core 2 Duo(Conroe). Conroe's are better than AMD's stuff right now.

Now Single Core Vs Dual Core.
All depends on what you do. Next gen games will take advantage of dual core but not to many games do now. If you have a bunch of applications up at once dual cores will help, especially if you have a very intensive one like a game. If you exit out of everything before playing a game dual cores would be a waste.

Ram? Depends on processor.
Graphics Card? Depends on Mobo(AGP vs Pci Express and Processor(Bottlenecks)).

Also whats your price range?
For low end single core, i'd suggest a Amd Athlon 64 3500+(2.2ghz). Can outdo a 3.5ghz P4.
The new Dual core easily!(asuming it is a conroe)
they do more cycles than AMD and they can overclock quite well since they are 65nm, they run cooler.
Id love to get one, but so far its just a pipe dream Very Happy
The new Dual core easily!(asuming it is a conroe)

Well he said P4 which is not a Conroe. P4 is the worst architecture in the world.
Actually, VIA is far worse.

If you can't afford to go with Intel's new Core 2 Duo, you should get an AMD chip. The Socket 939 processors are very affordable. I would reccommend getting a 3700+ or 3800+.
So is the AMD 3500+ cheaper than the 3 Ghz p4. I seriously need suggestions. And if I stick to 3500/64 bit, then is it necessary to install a windows xp 64-bit edition.
And some weeks ago I heard about a critical flaw in 64 bit processors, but didnt manage to catch up with that issue.

So what would be the other specs about RAM and Video Cards for a 3500+ AMD, and will a SATA work fine with it. What about the processor cooling issues with AMD processors?

Loads of questions to be answered, Cmon frihosters, share your ideas with me.

Warm Regards,
AMD processors have no cooling issues, the stock cooling makes them run much cooler than Pentium processors.

You don't have to go 64bit, unless you really want to. It is your decision, but I have found it is more convenient to just stick with 32bit on a 64bit processor. It will still work better than the P4 (but I would try to go with something better than a 3500+. Try to get the 3700+ or the dual core 3800+. The added L2 cache of the 3700+ or the second core of the 3800+ will make a big difference).

SATA is fully compatible with socket 939 processors, make sure to get a decent motherboard that supports it. For RAM, you will need at least 512Mb DDR PC3200 RAM. Make sure to get DDR, NOT DDR2. has parts for very cheap if you can order online, I order from them all the time.
Through the help of frihosters and psycosquirrel specially, I have reached a Final Dillema'.

My price range allows me to get either :-
1) Intel Pentium - (Just)Dual Core 2.8Ghz, 1x2MB L2 cache, with 800 mhz FSB
2) AMD Athlon 3500 + (prolly 2.2 Ghz), 256kb L1 + 512kb L2 cache, with 2000mhz FSB.

As i wrote before, I utilize almost everything that a PC can offer, and keep most of them open all the time. So would a system bus help or would the cache outnumber its benefits for ME? . And, is there something better out there waiting for me in the same price range.

Serious thought needed.

Warm Regards,
Do you have a specific site your buying these items from. If so post it here and give me a price range for it all.
toughtrio wrote:
As i wrote before, I utilize almost everything that a PC can offer, and keep most of them open all the time. So would a system bus help or would the cache outnumber its benefits for ME?

What is it specifically that you do mainly? Option 1 is better for multitasking, option 2 is better for gaming and single-task only type applications.
I will support Intel Core 2 Duo processor as they are a lot more efficient, and extremely low heating that noone will expect from Intel. This is the future of processors. So consider this option, and check the prices whether it is affordable to u or not.
newegg doesnt ship to karachi... nooooo.
So what I need is a similar site, like newegg, that offers such robust user interface with extremely low prices, and should ship in the places mentioned above.

Or if someone would collect those parcels and ship it to karachi. Would be a long procedure, but I would be willing to pay if the total cost (including shipping) was lesser than it is here. So what would be the price of shipping a whole PC, no matter how much time it takes, but 2 weeks should be enough?

Need urgent advice.

PS-same topic is posted in the websites forum because of slow replies in here.

Warm Regards,
I would definitely get the Pentium D.
Dude I already have figured out what to buy from newegg, but the problem is that it doesnot ship internationally.

Hope you get what I want.
Warm Regards,
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