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Feelings .....I need advice

Im going out with this guy named DeMar and everything is great. Except he said something that Im not so sure about. He asked me if we broke up what would be that reason...Then I asked him the same. He said he think he would do something stupid because of his friends.I dont know what that means but I know his friends try to get him to cheat on me.

Im so confused....
I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to ask advice on. It sounds as though your boyfriend is a tad immature or not ready for a relationship. Perhaps he was trying to see if you were jealous of his friends ect... without really knowing what you're asking it's as much advice as I can offer, besides, go with your gut feelings and instincts, they shouldn't lead you wrong listen to yourself and decide what it is you want, and see if it's the same as what he wants. If not and you can't compromise it may be better to go your different ways instead of torturing yourself. Best of luck.

If you ask me, your boyfriend is trying to get out of the relationship. My advice is: ask him to get to the point and ask: "Would it be better if we stop this relationship for atleast a few months just to see where we stand?"
Then watch his reaction. If his reaction shows sincere dissappointment then I'm completely wrong about him...
Don't ask him to get to the point. When put on the spot, no matter how bad he wants to break up or end the whole thing, He'll say "no baby, i love you, i want us to stay together". Sometimes guys just can't break up. They'll save a failing relationship evertime because they feel bad.
If you sense he doesnt want to be with you, then just break it off. Its not worth dragging hope out when you could be moving on too.
Don't ever test your guy/girlfriend by wanting to see their reaction when you say you want to break up. You'll never know what it can do to the other person if they really love you and want to be with you. All the feelings may be gone after that. Talk to him about it.
actually love need both parties' communication, trust and generous. and try to understand each other. that would make your relationship better. and love is to accept someone includding their good or bad side. if you are doubt about your love with him, then try to think are you really love him? if the answer is you also dunno you love him or not, then, better don't waste both person's time. and if you really love him, and you know he is really love you, then, why not just think how you two are going to have fun in the future? trust yourself and him...

anyway, when it is the time to give up, you must dare to do that. if you can take it up, then you must know how to put it down. wish u luck.
hey just trust your bf and everything would be ok.... trust is one important thing in relationship.... and never let your bf friends to be the reason of broking up.... just try to be honest and trust him... if he loves you then he would not let that happen...
No Assumptions Baby. If you feel uncomfortable with him, then on a nice clear sky day, go with him for a dinner.

Ask him, if he is comfortable with you.. and tell him that you were not happy with the question that he had asked you earlier to you. Dont give him any direct jestures on your doubts...

Make sure that you convince him that you are sad and u are really unhappy with that question.

Keep smiling Smile
There are a lot of ways to approach this. Many of the answers here are making assumptions about the people involved. But like anything, more information is always good before making deductions on the situation:

How old are you guys?
How long have you been seeing each other?
What are your levels of maturity (be brutally honest)?

Relationships have so many factors that you can't honestly throw out a question like yours and expect any lvl of accuracy.

For advice like this, find someone you trust that you look up to, and ask them what they think of your relationship. If they know you and they know him, then you will get a good answer.
I ask my girlfriend that question all the time, it's just interesting to know why she would dump be and why would I dump her ?

In this case, (I dont think, Im sure) your boyfriend means that his friends would like, get him drunk and he'd do some crazy shit or he'd get involved in something criminal... it doesnt have to be cheating. But there's a rule men have to never drop a girl for a dude... and if he's pretty bound to it he might be spending more time with his friends than with you... alot of possibilities!
what he is saying is that odds are somthing is going to happen and somtime down the line and he is affraid, because he knows he isn't going to be able to hold true!
freakinlame wrote:
Don't ever test your guy/girlfriend by wanting to see their reaction when you say you want to break up. You'll never know what it can do to the other person if they really love you and want to be with you. All the feelings may be gone after that. Talk to him about it.

With the exception of "All the feelings may be gone after that." I entirely agree to this statement. I would submit that if he loves you then the feelings won't be gone.

It's also true he could be to immature and is just not coming out with the fact that he doesn't want to be with you. Or he's being shy about it. I don't know, but I hope that it is just simply immaturity; most people grow out of that.
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