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40 frih for easy layout tables in html

I was trying to create a website but it is not working. I have created the header in photoshop and sliced it and it looks perfect. The size of the whole header put together with tables is 760x150 and it is aligned center. Here is an idea of what i want:

click on it to make it bigger.
All i need is it to look like that and where it says "login" please when your making it put "LOGGIN BOX GOES HERE!" etc so i can see where i have to add my stuff. If you need to know any more info please post here or pm me. thanks.
Theres no need to re-invent the wheel on this one. I think you should use css to solve this not tables. Here are some css templates you can use CSS Templates all you have to do is replace the header and change the colors. As far as the modules like log in and stats they will just stack them selves in the side bars. I think that any of the 3 column lay outs will work for you. The best way to edit the css is to use a css editor like the web developer toolbar for fire fox. I use CSSEdit. If you have trouble doing this I will do it for the 40Frih$.
could you do it for me exactly like i want it doen like the picture above. 760 width and centered with the 3 columns and the middle one is the biggest.
i can do that for you if handyman doesnt want too but he gets the first chance at it since he was here first
how long will it take? when are you starting?
MYP415 wrote:
i can do that for you if handyman doesnt want too but he gets the first chance at it since he was here first

You can start it now because i need it as soon as possible.
Here it is :
html and the css
how do i make the tables go longer as in there height. I was just adding login box and poll on the left side but the poll ends up going to long and out of the left side and onto the bottom on the page on the bgcolor. How do i make it longer? and the middle one and right one?
The template height is based on the center column so that all 3 columns are the same height the more content you add in the center column the taller the template gets or you can set the #content ( height: 600px; ) this will make the whole template 600px tall or what ever height you want. I can do a more dinamic layout where all 3 columns are independent of each other.
Yeah that would be better if you can. thanks
Here is a fully dynamic layout. sorry it took so long yesterday was family day. This layout will fill the screen in width. Just center your header.
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